DRZ400E Rotors

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  1. Set of DRZ400e Rotors
    Front and rear

    Price: $125? OBO

    Good condition


    I have a Supermoto and can't use these, I need a set of SM rotors

    Also have a set of Easton 1 3/8 Handlebars and Mounts!
    Excellent Condition. $60?
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  2. Added some handlebars/clamps too!
  3. Rotors have sold. Anyone need some bars?
  4. Handlebars anyone?
  5. i'd love to buy these but your far.....
  6. oh shoot. I work in Everett so that gets us a little closer. Haha
  7. I have a front SM rotor less than 1800 miles on it. $75.00. DuPont area. I have assorted SM parts if you need anything else.

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  8. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. If these sell I'll hit you up.
  9. Please delete

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