DRZ's can fly

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  1. Ok mabey not very far but they can fly a little :evil4: You bellinghammers with tards are missing out, these practice days at the tradex are a blast:mfclap:





    I did a sweet stoppie right in front of my GF but she didnt know what I was doing and didnt get a pic. Of course the 2nd one she got a pic of sucks :rant
  2. Sweeeeet.... I plan to be heading up there as soon as my Passport gets all straightened out :mfclap:
  3. We need one of those down here!
  4. Its amazing how much fun a parking lot can be on a tard :evil4:
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    Where's the pic's of the G/F!! J/K! Nice lense work!
  6. This looks like so much fun. Someone needs to flip their drz dirt cheap to me.
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    when/where is this next?

    <--has a passport.
  8. She is a real bitch you would never want to meet her, but she dose put up with me :evil4:

  9. I was planning on going and got popped for overtime at work :angry7: I work most weekends so it makes it tough to go.

    I did just email the F440 track, they said they are open 7days a week 10-8 and can ride 1/2 day $25 bucks full day $50 bucks, if someone is renting a kart you have to get off and let them ride but it's mostly for short time periods...water break :mrgreen:


    I just put a 45tooth rear on.... gonna swap it back to the 51 since I'll be using the track more then the road.
  10. Let me know when you go! I will come with you!
  11. f440 is a really tight track with the 51t rear it might be hard to keep the front end down out of turns but im sure you can make it work :evil4:

    What day of the week do you plan on hitting up 440? I need to throw the slicks on my crf and hit up 440 before they close in Sept:angry7:
  12. If I wasnt so slow mabey i could do something cool like that.

    The fast guys on DRZ's get a lot more air then me on that jump
  13. I need to ride a SM someday

  14. Wife is off so I'm going to try to go Friday afternoon, got some errands in the morning; and they are open to 8. Need to call them and make sure they don't have a party or something big planned for that day. Be our first trip to Canada and wife wants to go...plus it's good in case I knock myself silly :tard:
  15. where and when is all these little events cause i have been wanting to find some place to ride my DRZr for a while...
  16. I'm going to the F440 track Friday, properly head north across the border about noon to 1.

    $25 for half day, 50 for whole day.


    Open 7 days a week 10-8, just have to get off the track if people rent the karts


    The Tradex schedule is here V

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  17. you can ride mine!!!!!!!!!

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