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Dual Sport

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Haga 41, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So who rides dual sport in Southern Oregon? I have a BMW 1200GSA I ride most of the time and am building a DR650 with RM250 legs right now. I have a pretty fair knowledge of the area and am looking for something a little tamer than tearing it up on the dirtbikes with the guys on the weekends. Takes to long to heal.
  2. Some good suspenders on a dr650, nice! Toss up some pics when shes done :mfclap:

  3. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    Ya Bob....throw up some pics! :spoton:
  4. Ok here you go. Its a 2008 DR650SE with a 2000 RM250X front end. The fork are 49mm Showas. I also used Protaper bars and a Garmin Nuvi550 for the speedo. The rear shock is in NC at Cogent having the works done to it.

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  5. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

  6. Have a small group of guys over here do some D/S. Locally all over 55 Y/O. Did maybe 3 rides this winter mostly snowy conditions. I ride a 09 TE610 Husky coming off a 00 DRZ400E. Friends have DRZ400S, KTM 950 SE, and KLR 650. I used to race Moto, Enduro and XC but age and injury don't allow keeping up with the kids anymore. Maybe hookup some time.
  7. That sounds great. I have been eyeballing the route to the coast via d/s. I have done the over the hill to hwy96 at beaver creek and did 3k of fire roads to Washington.That was one of the best vacations Ive had. This July I am planning on running down to Gerlach NV and running north thru High Rock Canyon to Denio up to Propeller Meadow to the B24 crash site and then heading over to Lakeview to the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route to Paisley and the finding a route back to the valley. I will do that one on the BMW and loan my DR to a friend from Washington. After doing the sportbike thing for so long its kinda nice to be able to slow down and look

  8. I've seen that wheat field before!.....not a good place for Ninja's!:ninja:
  9. Essvar

    Essvar ghetto-fabulous

    Sure Bob.... Post this AFTER I just sold my DRZ! Looks like fun and +1 for slowing down and actually seeing where you are riding.
  10. And I thought this forum was Looks like there's lots of lurkers out there. I had to slow down.No one wanted to ride with me anymore. I have to admit the sportbikes were fun but this adventure touring is a blast. And the perk...No Tickets! So whats Troy been up to?
  11. Essvar

    Essvar ghetto-fabulous

    I've gone dirty.... cheap and easy. Sold my DRZ, upgrading to a KTM ___ XCW Haven't found the right one yet....

    I still have a go fast bike, but it's track only and still showing all the marks from her last "race"

    For Ralph...

    I miss this shit

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  12. zigzag2

    zigzag2 Precious

    ESS, T-Hill April 2 with me and Soggy. $170.
  13. Did a ride last year to the coast via OBrien and coming out in Smith River all dirt, then back 199. Maybe 180 mi r/t from GP. Cool ride. some friends did 1000 miles in 7 days following the Pacific Crest I missed out on. Didnt have the bike ready and other obligations. This year planning maybe a run up the coast range. Haven't done any long range overniters on the Husky yet but looking forward to it
  14. The track can be alot of fun. I just cant afford it any more and it take to long to heal.
    At least the roads were nice and free of pot holes.
    That sounds like part of the ride I'm trying to string together starting at Applegate Lake
  15. Carberry then over the hill to Selma or CJ? Maybe well do that one again in spring and let u know for a day trip. Heres the Husky. Not too many imported that year (90). I considered a DR650 but found this one cheap still crated. Very happy with the purchase coming off a DRZ400E.
  16. That's a sharp looking Hussy you got there. I looked at them when the bike barn was in town but ended up buying the KTM. Tried ridding the KTM on a couple of 300 mile trips and didn't like its street manners so I put a motard kit on it to see if that would work better and discovered I could not behave on it and it still was awful on long trips so it went away and I picked up the DR on the cheap and started with a seat concepts kit. I can ride the DR all day now but its stock suspension was junk so I opted to do the RM fork conversion and a Cogent shock upgrade to see iv I can get it to haul my camping gear. Jeff at OMA-KTM was trying to explain your coast route to me but with out first had knowledge of the roads it might as well been in This should be a fun summer!
  17. I love the bike! Smooth as silk on the highway w the 6 speed and crank balancer and can still do the single track albiet carefully. I installed the Seat Concepts kit too and it makes all the difference in comfort. Also de smogged it, opened up the airbox, windshield, skid plate, handguards, homebuilt rear rack and pannier protectors and just installed new Trailteck headlight (OEM was junk) 3.3 gal tank is good for almost 200 miles.Contemplating a Leo Vince X3 exhaust and ECM remap for more top end snap . Only complaint is with the wider seat splays your legs out It's balls of my feet even with long legs. The coast trail is called the McGrew trail and starts outside of O'Brien. We bypass the 4WD boulder field though. My friend with a KTM 990 Super Enduro took us on it and a couple of key turns involved so might have to hit him up again to show the way.
  18. Nice. +1 on the seat Concepts. Ive been on the McGrew in my jeep as far as the campgrounds at the river. The Husky I rode at the bike barn had the remap done to it with a slip on and it ran strong. I see you put a wind shield on. I was thinking of putting one of those little Aussie jobs on the DR but haven't made up my mind yet.
  19. Heres a pic showing the seat and rack. The windshield I got from MCSS for around 70 bucks with bar clamps. Looks and works good. Comes off in under a minute, keeps the wind off from the neck down. Yeah, I remember the campground by the river. you keep going and end up at the coast.[​IMG]
  20. Windshield is a Spitfire if you're interested. would have liked something a little more Dakkkar like on the BMW taller with a lip but expensive and this one comes off easily!
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