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Ducati/Aprilia retrofit!

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by tombodad, May 20, 2011.

  1. About a month ago, I bought this 2003 Aprilia Caponord, and I've already used a hacksaw, dremel, and welder on it :thefinge:

    Big problem #1: I can't hear my bike over the roar of the uber-quit 'wing at the stoplight next to me. :scratchea

    So, enter the need for louder exhaust! After researching, I loved the sound of Leo Vince, but was reluctant to pay the high cost of any of the commercially available sets. Sometimes riding a unique machine is a bad thing. A proliferation of available aftermarket for my bike was never a problem on the ricerocket...

    But I digress. Thanks to Leanit, I was able to get a very very good deal on a set of stock mufflers and pipes from a Duc 998. Now, with only one mediocre (no offense to whomever made it) video of a nord on duc pipes, I wasn't perfectly sold on the sound, but I knew that the stock had to go, so I jumped right in.


    1. I do not own, nor have access to, a mandrel bender.

    2. I am poor, and cannot buy said machine.

    3. The Duc pipes do not match the nord pipes. duh.

    4. The local muffler shop wanted to charge me the gross national deficit to do the work. see Struggle #2.


    Bandsaw. Voila. Stock pipes separated from stock can. Heavy as all getout stock cans go into garbage bin.

    Wait a sec, pull 'em back out. They are 6" longer than the Duc cans. Can't be having the exhaust tip 6" underneath. As if Nords aren't fire-prone enough as it is :devil:

    Crap, stainless tubing is expensive. See Struggle #2.

    Bandsaw. Voila. two pieces of straight 6" stainless tubing, salvaged from the Duc pipes.

    Obviously, the stars are aligned with fairy dust, because the duc tubing is just the right diameter to lap over the nord tubing.

    Butt welding is difficult. Stainless is difficult. Tubing is difficult. All 3? Nigh impossible por mia.

    Bandsaw. Voila. Two collars removed from ends of Duc tubing, to adapt from the can to the new straight tubing.

    Weld Weld Weld. (Kids, don't weld in tennis shoes. My toe hurts)

    Go back and look at stock can in garbage. Oh yeah, there was another mount on there... hmm...

    Oh look! The Duc strapping on the end of the muffler lines up right beneath a bolt hole on the nord!

    Tin Snips. Voila.
    Rear mounts made from banding. (not pictured) I think these need to be replaced by a more rigid piece. If you look close you can see that the left side pipe needs to be pulled in slightly, this will take care of that...

    Bam! Voila!



  2. cool, nice DYI
    well would have to hear it at bike night or something to tell if I like em. I sometimes get annoyed with the Staintunes I have on mine. I prefer to run quiet and not advertise how rapidly I may be going.
    but the work is cool and it looks good. I like to see recycling. I did something like that to a pair of Screaming Eagle mufflers and a 1971 Moto Guzzi Ambo.

    Is the Dash on yours blue at night? I looks a lot like mine.
    Last edited: May 20, 2011
  3. Tom, which muffler shop did you go to? You should have called me, Good freinds with Olson's and could have helped ya. Looks good though, hope to see it and you soon.
  4. Olson's. I never go to Melody.
    It was more fun to do it myself anyways though, but thanks for the connection, I'll keep that in mind next time!
    I'll try and make it to the next bike night. This week?
  5. Ya, it blue at night. What model Aprilia do you have? I think their are a few with the same dash.
  6. Futura. and yes, i need to post it, thurs at hot mama's about 6ish
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