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Ducati Maintance question?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by james1300, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    748's, 1000's. What makes a 6K service $800.00?
    What all is done on a 2 cylinder, 4 valve engine?
  2. Parts are about $250..the rest is labor believe it or not..
    Nothing too major about the 6k service..belts are around the 12k mark or 5 years (I think)..

  3. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Parts what parts?
  4. Couple of o rings..valve cover gasket..oil filter...I'll dig up my quote and see what else..
  5. Ducati O rings = $25.00 each!

    Ducati Valve cover gasket = $125.00

    Ducati Oil filter = $75.00

    That looks about right!!!!:thefinge:
  6. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Matt, your as helpful as Tits on a Nun!:thefinge:
  7. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    LOL sounding like helicopter parts to me..
  8. Old school chevy alternator $30-50
    New school VW alt $300-400
    Audi same alt as VW $300-600

    I might be a bit off on the prices but still it is just a censored: device to charge the battery and keep up on the electrical system draw. I guess if you can pay for the name lets hope you can afford to pay for the game.

    I agree though WTF sooooo much.
  9. crackup:crackup:crackup:
  10. the chemist

    the chemist ducatiduane

    Belts are every 12k or every other year. However, you must pull the belts to mess with the, doing a belt change is nothing but the 80 bucks for parts. Since they have to be readjusted anyway.....
  11. servicing a 4v ducati (pre testastretta heads) is an all day affair.the valve adjustment is a complete pain in the ass and unless you have a really high lift, the front exhaust requires you to be upside down for quite a bit.

    the 2v ducati requires a bit less time and is much easier to deal with, but it still takes the better part of 6 hours to do a complete service on one. at todays labor rates, that is about $500 + parts

    the testastretta heads are a snap to do the valves on. just dont take off the timing belts without ducati special tool or you are fucked. the timing marks on the thing make no sense. the punch marks on the cogs are for the pre testa heads. if you try to time one like the early 4v heads, it will never happen.
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Sounds to me, I'd be at the mercy of a Ducati shop.
    While I do have my own lift, this sounds way too complicated.
    I think I better pass. I like working on my stuff myself.
  13. At these prices I think I'll just buy an old non-running duc, use it as a museum piece or better yet, fancy doorstop.
  14. James,
    What are you looking at?

    Remember the $800.00 is for a complete service. Lots of that you can & would do yourself. Valve inspection/adjustment might need to be done at a dealership. Scott.
  15. I can't find my 6000 mile service quote...but for the most part..everything on it was something I could easily do myself. I didn't see the valve adjust on there..or any belt replacement..which are the two things I would likely have a shop do first (while I watch)..and then in the future do it myself.

    If you are relatively handy, I have no doubt that you can do most of the service yourself. If are at the mercy of the dealer..
  16. your 6k service should include valve adjustment and belts. as i have mentioend before, the bulk of the work is the valve adjustment. that is what you are paying for, the rest of it is icing in the cake.

    and good luck finding a shop that is going to let you hang out and watch. shops charge for service, not training customers ;)
  17. Even the recommended service guidelines I found only suggest checking the belt ...and replacing at 12k... either way...if they wouldn't let me watch..then I'd just do it myself with the guidance of the web crackup:
  18. i am assumming you have a testastretta head bike from the info on your stats. it wont happen on your model unless you so happen to have the special timing tool to put the belts back on and the ducati diagnostic tool called mathesis. the tool actually listens to the harmonic ferquency of the belts. it is important thast the belt have a frequency of 140hz or the valve timing will walk and it could start to advance if the belt is too loose or retard if the belt is too tight. too tight can also lead to catastrophic belt failure and then the end of your motor and possibly you if the motor grendades at speed locking your rear wheel and pitching you off into oblivion.

    once again, there is a reason why proper ducati service is expensive. the average joe does not have the proper tools nor training to do it right.
  19. Bravo,well said and thank you..
  20. tits are helpfull on nuns. all those poor orphans need something to suck on.
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