Ducati ST4s

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by fijiman, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. WTB Ducati ST4s

    I am in the market for this bike, 2004 and above. If you know anyone selling one locally from Oregon & Washington or you have one for sale, I’d be interested. Been looking at cycletrader, craigslist….nothing good so far.

  2. I saw a well sorted out st2 on craigslist a few days ago .. low miles for a st and for a steal .. just a fyi :)
  3. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/mcy/3072042212.html

    2000 Ducati ST2 sport touring bike with the emphasis on SPORT! 34,000 miles. Full set of Ducati touring luggage. Arrow carbon fiber exhaust. Speedy Moto clutch cover. This bike starts right up and runs perfectly. Please email me with any specific questions,or to arrange a test ride.
  4. Thanks for the tip Tim...this now found a home in my garage! :mfclap:

    Really wanted an ST4S, but I guess ST2 will have to do for now! :mrgreen:

  5. Any time..... i know its not a st4 but hey its a st lol... glad it found a home
  6. Took her out this evening...what an amazing machine... :mrgreen:

  7. Mmm look at all those goodies... glad ya like her.. how much did ya pay for it ..... and omg hehe you have matching gloves already..... ...also now ya have to update your bike list under your avitar lol
  8. Paid full retail, buyers asking price. I already had matching gloves, those are 15 yr old gloves tho...ha ha ha

    Bring on the summer and 500+ mile trips!
  9. lena

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    You really did! :mfclap: When is the next 500 mile trip?
  10. Sweet ride, I like it. Congrats!!! :mfclap:

    Ride safe, Scott.
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