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Dumped it on Mt. Baker Highway...

Discussion in 'Westside' started by BernStrom, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Well, I usually lurk here, and rarely post, but everything in my riding world changed this past weekend. While in the middle of a left turn, I apparently got into some gravel in the middle of the road, lost control, and lowsided the bike.

    To round out the riding season, I thought it might be good to ride Hwy 542 up to Artist Point. I'd never been, the pictures I've seen from the top looked great, and the last few miles of the road looked like fun. Well, I never got that far. As my two fellow riders explained, I was in the middle of a left turn (marked for 15, I was doing 35-40) and my bike found gravel that had been left in the road due to repaving on this stretch of road.

    I don't remember any of this. As soon as I lost control, I was on my left side and sliding toward the jersey barrier. I was out cold for a couple of minutes after the accident.

    I'm no stranger to a 15mph turn, as there are more than a few of them over here in Burien and I'd much rather ride technical roads than go fast in a straight line. But regardless, I'm finding myself pretty bummed after what happened.

    3 cracked ribs, right broken ankle, subdural hematoma (which was gone a day later), road rash on my left shoulder, and bruising all over are what I have to show for this one. It was my first actual accident after 6 years of riding. I'm not sure if the bike is totaled, but it may be, looking at the blurry picture from the scene that I was sent. This was, also, my first bike, and was a helluva lot of fun to ride.

    With the bump to the head, I have to stay off of bikes for about a year (too risky otherwise), and with twin boys on the way (due late December) I don't think I'll be getting too close to bikes for awhile. Pity, as it is one of life's great joys.

    Well, be safe out there, folks. I'll continue lurking and watching.

    Here are the photos, for those who are interested.
  2. Here come the illegal gravel comment in 3.....2....1.....

    Wrecking sucks man, many of us have been through similar. Learn from it and hope to see you out there when your noggin gets better.

  3. Glad you made it out relatively ok man, could have been worse.
  4. So incredibly true. I definitely consider myself pretty lucky to be up and walking around less than a week after, and that I was out of the hospital the day after crashing.
  5. The twins your 1st kids? I found after my daughter was born my whole outlook on life changed, effected the way I ride big time and I take WAY less risks. Anyway I'm sure you'll be back on 2 wheels within a few yrs.
  6. Yup, the twins are our first. In a weird way this is a bit of a mixed blessing - it forces me to not be riding this winter when they'll be born. But, I might've been too tired to ride anyway. crackup:
  7. i have'll be taking a break from life for six months at least, let alone riding. if you find yourself with free time time, you'll be napping.
  8. Thank God it was a jersey barrier and not a guard rail :shock: Nice folks up there in B'ham, looks like a cutie was taking care of you too. Glad you're semi-okay.

    I think this is appropriate!
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  9. I can vouch for that. Even after 20 years the memories of being a zombie dad of twins are still fresh.

    Sorry to see your riding career end that way.
  10. Damn bro, my shoulder hurts just looking at that rash. Be thankful you are living to tell the story! Speedy recovery.
  11. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    Im glad you're alright and hope you don't give it up man. Good luck with the twins, im sure you'll have your hands full in the meantime.
  12. get well soon.

    when did it happen? I went there yesterday and didn't see anything, but there were several corners with lots of gravel (probably illegal).
  13. That corner has caught quite a few people. It really is a 15mph corner.
    Still sucks though, heal up!
  14. Bummer! Sorry to hear you got so messed up. I totally understand how you could go down on that corner, those signs are the only recommended corner speed signs I've found that you REALLY need to pay attention to.

    Hope for a speedy and complete recovery!
  15. damn you, illegal gravel!! :mrgreen:
  16. Bern, sorry to hear this. I just got my bike out on the road the first of last week. Looks like we should hit Elliott Bay for a beer and toast to being still around.
  17. Thanks for the cleavage shot.
  18. Oh man cracked ribs suck. Dont sneeze, dont laugh.
    If you need a hand, reach out.
  19. BernStrom: Sorry to hear about your accident. What kinda gear were you wearing?

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Damn dude... Glad your alive.

    As many have echoed, the 15mph corners on Baker are no joke. That road suffers no fools and punishes the unworthy.
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