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dusty out there! chest cam and rekluse for me..

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by dakh, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Finally got around to mounting GoPro on my chest protector. I really like the footage but something needs to be done with sound. The Camelback hose that's dangling down there as well as generally the chest protector are producing all sorts of creeks and knocks. Anybody got ideas/experience? Looks to me external mic or changing chest protector are the only options, which means it'll just stay as is for now :)

    Also finally got around to trying an auto clutch. Long time coming, scored an EXP 2.0 off eBay and rode for the first time. In the beginning had some trouble figuring out which gear am I in, and also I'm riding my crf250 like it's a 2-stroke and normally using clutch a whole lot. So it took an hour or so to wrap my head around it. So far I see two major benefits, the obvious one of not ever stalling even after falling over. Second one, specifically on those clear cut trails at Tahuya I was always annoyed by having to click between 2nd and 3rd gear a lot, and a lot of times it was awkward or I was too slow to react etc. Now I can just keep it in 3rd for the most part and rely on the clutch to pull through. Ok so there's some clutch abuse going on but for the most part, at least at my skill level, simply knowing that I can get on the gas and not worry about fanning the clutch just right makes me go faster enough that I'd be "eligible" for 3rd gear anyway.

    Bottom line, auto clutch stays in and I don't think I want to ride without it anymore. Specifically EXP 2.0 took me all of maybe 15 minutes to install and there were no any other adjustments needed, it "just works". Manual clutch override still works just fine as long as engine revs are above idle.

    Design is a bit of a compromise since it eliminates 2 (out of what 7 or 8) clutch steelies and fibers, so overall the clutch is weaker than stock.

    Never mind my spaz riding style, here's the chest cam sample
  2. •Yay single track!
    •Add tunes!
    •I ride like a spaz too!

  3. [​IMG]

    GoPro is good for stills too!
  4. I like the chest mount! Wish it were fast, though. Lol
  5. I love the recluse and e-start on my crf:evil4:
  6. Is it any harder to get the front up over obsticles / wheelie with the auto clutch? Also that trail looks sweet which one is it?
  7. It's one of the typical clear cut snakes south of Tahuya Rd.. My opinion isn't worth much on wheelies, rolling off the trottle instead of using the rear brake doesn't work for balance wheelies obviously, otherwise manual clutch works exactly like it did without the Rekluse except the lever pull is a bit harder since they make you install stiffer clutch springs.
  8. I didn't really like the chest rig..

    you should try some different camera angles..

    Also using the open back cover helps sound work better, vs the waterproof case.
  9. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, engine braking works normally until you're just above idle, so controlling wheelies with the throttle works fine. As far as wheelies goes, a 450 will have no problem lifting the wheel any time you want. I haven't used a clutch lever in the dirt for years!
  10. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    using a rekluse is cheating.
    They sure do make riding easier, I guess I just prefer the challenge of using the left hand lever.
    If I was racing a dirtbike regularly (instead of using it for physical training) I would probably have one
  11. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    The rear hand brake is even a bigger advantage! How's your sore paw?
  12. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    Agreed, I always thought that made a lot of sense.


    Broke the thumb metacarpal into 3 pieces, surgery (done) 3 pins in place, swelling is finally down so the pins get pulled friday and I get a hard cast for the next 4-6 weeks. (they say 6, but I will probably pull it off myself after 4-5)
    Race season over.
    (not too bad of a year if you don't count the shortened season part)
    If I could ride I would, but my hand is basically out of commission for a while.

    I really wish I could have ridden with you and Mike,I have never been on a road course with him.

    Next time.

    Sounded like you guys were having a blast.

    I hope to make the Iceholes weekend!!!
  13. allister come ride some dirt when your patched up...

    ALSO invite me to iceholes (both of you) I wanna check it out!
  14. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    That will teach you to dirt ride with Denzler!?! :nana

    Mike bought that GSXR, so we will be at the OPRT day at PR next Wednesday, you could always bring us some beer and keep us company in the pits?
  15. I very much agree... Rekluse is CHEATING :stir:

    and Shhhhh Pete :nana
  16. just because your jealous we were smart enough to get the rekluse doesnt mean you have to call us cheaters. just remember if you aint cheating you aint trying!
  17. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    Not Master Denzler, its Fladseth's fault.

    not actually...

    my damn triple clamps came loose and the fork tubes moved up (alot) and the dang bike was unrideable, I was having a super hard time running at pace and keeping it on the trail...
    Didn't realize what had happened until I was looking at the bikes in the garage and noticed the tubes sticking up about 1-1/2" above the top triple.

    I just might do that , but since I won t be riding there is a serious possibility that there will not be any beer left at the end of the day.

  18. What about using electric starter? Or fuel injection? Or the ultimate cheat of all times, 2 less strokes? :mrgreen:
  19. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Figures, actually! ;)

    Sounds like you had the "Tony settings"?! Except on a Yamaha, that acually works. On a KaTooM, no wonder you were all over the place?! :roll:

    No worries on the beer, we'll be prepared too. :mrgreen:
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