Dyno Days is coming back to Spokane!

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  1. Nels, our fabulous traveling dyno guy, is coming back to Spokane! More hot engines, outrageous horsepower graphs, bragging rights, and beautiful women. (well, I made the beautiful women part up, but any volunteers are welcome!) He will be at Empire Cycle on Friday, July 15th, part of Saturday, and all day Sunday the 17th. Here's your chance to improve performance, and take advantage of Nels' latest upgrades. We will start taking reservations, so send your requested times and dates.
  2. Avboden

    from Wa, living on Grenada (island)
    I Ride:
    1991 XR250L, 2007 BMW F800S, 1999 ATK 605 ESDS/SM
  3. hey, mind your manners. the correct way to ask nicely for something is to say- Yo Baby, how much?
  4. Nels is charging $150 for a tuning session, same as last time. $50 to run charts and graphs only. Send me a PM with the requested time and date, and I'll add it to the schedule.
  5. Shaggy

    Is this still a go?
  6. I had mine done last time, My bike has NEVER run better!!!! bringing it back down to throw it on the dyno to see if there is anything else to adjust. Oh once you have had a dyno done by Nels you can throw it back on free for life in case you change a muff, header or whatever :mfclap:
    Nels is the man
  7. Is there a list and how many are signed up?
  8. You have to get ahold of Bob to get on the list. Make sure you sign up early to reserve a spot.
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  9. yes, this is still a go according to nels so sign up now, spots usually go fast
  10. direct quote from Nels :

    "I will be there thursday night and tuning at empire all day friday, hooters saturday and empire again sunday. Everyone is welcome. Call bob at empire for appointments or just come down. We will fit you in no matter what :) "
  11. Sweet! this was so much fun when Nels was here earlier this year & easily worth the 150.00 I spent, my bike went from really fast to "OMG I can't believe how different that is fast!!"

    Anyone with a power commander needs this dyno tune, and if Nels can't make your engine run stronger/better he doesn't charge you, how can you loose?

    He can tune other bikes without a PC but you need to check to make sure which makes and models.
  12. Shaggy

    I am in, Dyno Break in, ECU unleashed and whatever else you got Nels.
  13. got a misfire (i'm pretty sure, and it's not plugs or coils) so a dyno run would shed some more light on the issue right??? Can you work on my 2000 r6?
  14. Yep, he can work on your R6, and as to whether he can diagnose it, it will depend upon what is causing the misfire (ECU, etc.). In regards to the schedule, either PM me, or call Justin at Empire (892-6368) to get scheduled.
  15. Crap! Flying fingers with no guiding force! It's 892-6368 and ask for Justin
  16. anyone that thinks having a power commander and just downloading a map that lists your pipe and air cleaner is selling themselves short. Nels got 108.75 hp out of my 06 R6! it had 14K miles and the original air cleaner. the only mod was the exhaust had the muffler replaced with a home made y-pipe.
  17. Shaggy

    Bob, I think Nels is going to need two hours on my bike at least. I will call him tomorrow to confirm.
  18. call ahead of time for ECU Unleashed information, he gets the stuff straight from italy but it sometimes takes a little time, setting it up ahead of time would be prudent
  19. For those interested in just finding out what your bike has as far as horsepower and torque. Nels offers this as well for 50.00, but check with Nels or Justin, it might be less as this is a group event.

    I swear by Nels. I was ready to lay down 400+ dollars for a dyno tune, and I would have had to drag or ride my bike across the state to have it done. One of my biggest problems with the other shops was their drop it off and leave it a day or two policy. Also the other shops wouldn't let me watch while they were doing the dyno tune. With Nels the price is GREAT! He lets you stand right there and explains what he is doing to your map and why.
  20. Just got back into town but will call tomorrow. Thanks for the info
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