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Edwards to Pilot a BMW Powered GP Bike for 2012?!?

Discussion in 'Racing' started by barry.mccockener, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Have I been living under a rock? This was the first time I heard of this. Cool to see another manufacturer after Cowie pulled out. I'm sure Avbodens more than excited.


    Colin Edwards confirmed on Thursday that he will ride a BMW-powered Suter machine for the Forward Racing team when the 2012 season starts next April.
    The American announced he would be joining the Forward Racing team at the start of September, committing his vast experience and knowledge to the CRT project. There had been much speculation that Edwards would run a Yamaha engine inside a chassis developed by his current Tech 3 team, but he dispelled any doubt prior to this weekend’s Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
    “At the beginning I just said we’d run a Yamaha engine and a Tech 3 chassis because that was my way of putting some pressure on some guys, and they obviously didn’t care what I thought because they said no!" joked Edwards.
    “It will be a BMW/Suter which is what I signed for in the beginning, and I’m happy to be working with those guys,” he continued. “We’ll have to go out there and work and test. It’s probably not going to be competitive in the first race, maybe not in the last race, but we’ll work extremely hard to build it.”
    An advocate of the CRT concept, Edwards added: “It’s a new adventure and it’s a lot of work, our sport has a dream and a vision. Everybody wants to see closer, competitive racing in MotoGP like it is in Moto2… Somebody has to start it.”

  2. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I really don't think that BMW is directly involved, it's just that they make the most powerful liter motor and Suter has already built a frame for it. He really wanted an R1 powered bike, but Yamaha Europe shot that down, probably because they were afraid it would be slow (sorry, Fred).
  3. 2012 is gonna be a great season. It'll be interesting to say the least, not cuz of the BMW, but because of all the changes. Should make for pretty crazy racing.
    BMW will be watching the Suters bike's progress closely but are not affiliated w/ the team. They may get in on the action in 2013...

    It's obviously great news fer the Beemer crowd...finally get to run w/ the big boys! OK...'chase' the big boys is more like it!
  4. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    Agreed. It's either gonna be really exciting, or just Ducati at the 800cc switch, someone will bring something VASTLY superior and the season will be a snooze.
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