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Ellensburg Riders: SAY HELLO! Introduce yourself!

Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by titan6r, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. If your a student or just living in the Ellensburg up and introduce yourself, tell us something about you, and what kind of motorcycle you ride. And if you got them, let's see a pic of your bike.

    Please pass the word to your fellow friends and riders and help bring together the Ellensburg community of motorcycle riders. Easy to find us here, just tell them
  2. I'll start this off with an introduction of myself. My name is Jeff, I may have met you before if you attend Central and are riding to class. I'm an Economics major and am currently a junior until the end of spring quarter. I ride an 05 636 as you can tell and am really anxious to plan some rides with some CWU students.

    See that is all you have to do. A simple "Hi" would be great, and if anyone wants to ride up with me to Wenatchee for Apple Blossom, you are welcome.

  3. Hi there. My name is Dave. I got out of class today and had a flyer on my bike, perfect! I've been wanting to do some group rides for awhile now... I only know a handful of people that ride and our schedules never seem to match up. I'm hoping that will change soon!crackup:
  4. Ya man, this site is awesome and will be even better once more people like you start joining. This is the best way to get rides together and to meet new people in the Ellensburg area. I've given out like 50 flyers in the past 2 days and hope we can get at least half of them on board. The more people we get the better, so tell your friends.:mrgreen:
  5. I am reading this after I started an intro thread already in the Central section. It surprises me with all the motorcycles in Ellensburg, that more and more should be on here.

    I will tell everyone I know, but I'm a professor and I dont mind handing out flyers to fellow faculty who ride also.

    I like the site, and I'd love to invite all the riders over to my house for a free BBQ and get all the bikes together for a meet and greet kind of thing.
  6. hello im new to the website but i am a CWU grad. i was thinking about riding my bike up there next monday or tuesday to do some partying if anyone is available for a ride on one of those days let me now
  7. I'm down just pm me before you get here :mrgreen:
  8. Hey, my name is Jameson, I ride a 2000 Honda CBR 929. I am currently a Sophmore here at CWU and an Computer Science major. Until the end of June I wont be really able to make any rides, due to football on the weekends, but go aheadd and pm, just in case I am not busy. Hopefully we can get a meet and greet going here pretty soon. Hope to see you all around.
  9. TB, '88 Supermagna, '98 Ural Sportsman.
  10. nissanf16 and timebom, thanks for joining and posting the simple hello. You guys will definitely enjoy the site. Waive me down if you see me around, I want to meet some people. :mrgreen:
  11. hello everyone, i dont go to cwu but i live here and turn an ass load of miles around here, i ride more than i work. yet i hardly ever ride with anyone from ellensburg. most my friends that ride are in yak or in tacoma. im sick of traveling long distances to ride with people. just lookin for new people here in town. my cell phone # is in my profile if ya need someone to ride with. i want to get some big group rides goin from e-burg.
  12. Hey Titan6r, sorry about that I didnt check the site before I left for Eburg. however if you say someone on a yellow/black 929 that was me. I was riding around on monday and tuesday. I did met up with a friend that still goes to college there and has a Black 2004 CBR600. we cruised canyon rd a few times. that wind was sure a bitch tho.
  13. or if you saw i working the night shift
  14. i want to join, can i can i ,huu
  15. It is possible that you may have seeen me though, since my 929 is also black/yellow....
  16. welcome: to all the new members from the Ellensburg area. Please pass the word along - it helps bring together all the motorcycle riders from that area.
  17. I just got the PM so heres my intro. my name is really Will Farrell, Im a freshman here at CWU. I ride an orange kawasaki ninja ZX750R. I am just getting into riding ... the first time i sat on a motorcycle was about a month and a half ago so im pretty much a huge newb. I love goin on rides and i always need advice with something (damn carbs) so say hey if you see me around.
  18. Im also a freshman i used to ride a old ninja 600 in high school, now i have a 2003 ninja 250 that i am almost done rebuilding. Im looking at being a met major, i dont have my bike here right now but i will be up and riding on about the 15th and im bringing it back in the fall. Also i need somewhere to live nextyear that has room for a bike...
  19. Once you get your bike over here we can coordinate some cool rides :mrgreen: . I've been quite busy as of late, but I'm sure once finals are over we will be able to host some rides. I'm going to be here over the whole summer and I plan on riding a lot. C ya around
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