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EmE2k10---part DUCE

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by GunnersGirl, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Starting a new EmE2k10 before the org' get's locked... Since it is inevitable that will happen... censored:censored::banghead:

  2. Can someone please repost the dates on this thread so I dont forget.

    Oh and so its official in this thread as well......I'm there with smoothy and Carl in tow.
  3. Oh good... Yup, it's a go.. Ready and waiting for that day.. It's the weekend of EmW.. I'm sure it's going to be on that Sat'... But we will get the times down and such.. Glad you guys will come joining..
  4. usmcgunnerm4

    usmcgunnerm4 Washington (VA)

    I think Dates and Location are going to be PM's. Not sure though
  5. Probably wise.....see everyone there!
  6. yes, they will.. Don't want unwanted folks crashing good peoples fun, now do we?
  7. Is this an 'A' list thing again? I hope so.
  8. Fo'sho sir :mrgreen:
  9. If it is via PM, I wouldn't mind an invite :) I know i don't make it out much, but I also don't start drama. crackup:
  10. :mrgreen: easy going, that you are
  11. I may not be attending EMW due to taking a summer class but this should be doable. I'll be *tentative* for now.
  12. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    What sort of lame-ass lets a "summer class" interfere with EMW? Just wondering.
  13. a lame ass trying to get into the absolute hardest graduate school there is
  14. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Ok. Pass. :mrgreen:
  15. ecotechjosh

    ecotechjosh Cavalier Champion!

    Is this still the party at Barry's or something else? *confused*

    If it's the epic party at Barry's, I will be there for sure...paying hommage to my russian ancestors by drinking lots of vodka! (and monster energy drink)!!!

  16. Can somebody please tell me what a "DUCE" is?
  17. ...
  18. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

  19. I'm on vacation that week, so I may pop in before I go camping with the family.
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