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~*~emw 2011~*~

Discussion in 'East Meets West' started by Mae, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. All right folks, I'm pulling the trigger! It's time again for EMW 2011. After debate and consideration, I think the best thing to do is keep this going this year at Lake Chelan State Park, where this has been held in past years.

    What is EMW you ask? It's just a chance for PNW riders all over the state to meet and camp and get to know one another in a beautiful setting! Go for rides, go wine's whatever you make it to be. You can rent jet skis, fish off the rocks or just hang out.

    I am no ones wife, mother or warden, but there are valid concerns that have been brought up and I would like to address them now. Let us ALL be mindful of our surrounding, pay heed to the quiet time and not be too much of a bother to the other campers or our beloved Ginger Ranger. Fun is still to be had, lets just not ruin fun for anyone else! I am not here to say to not drink, I am here to say, if you are going to do so, please be responsible and not have your actions reflect badly on the group as a whole. It is the responsibility of ALL of us attending to ensure we are welcomed back in the years to follow if we so choose to return.


    When-May 20-22 2011
    Where-Lake Chelan Sate Park
    Reservations can be made here --->,MarinaSlips?Map

    I am not going to be keeping a fancy picture map of where folks are going to be staying, I will however put your name on the list for in, and what site # you will be at. If someone else wants to be fancy and do the picture route, your call :)

    I would also like to open discussion on a group breakfast here --->

    Shelbyguy/WashingtonBlonde/JIMMYRAY31B-#12 & 13
    Rippn-rumored as IN!
    bukwld and family-Best Western :)
    evilmrroboto/toowongfoo-#53 & #54

    evander...a firm...maybe
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  2. INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and will be reserving soon. :)

  3. i'd have to sell my sounders tickets but i may be in
  4. I want to go... gotta see if I'm emotionally ready to leave the little guy with Grammy over a weekend by then. I'll have to do some test runs ;-)

    If I do decide to go I am more than willing to help out in the food department as I did the year before last and have a camper so that would make it easier.
  5. So I guess it's been decided and cbrchic and I are going?
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  6. In. Shelbyguy/WashingtonBlonde, sites 12 & 13

  7. What's with the ?

    We are are IN :mfclap:

  8. Shit... 3 of my fav. Chics are going... Where the hell is the Like button on here??
  9. Roland

    Roland Moderator Staff Member

  10. In!! Amorget and I will be in site 63
  11. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    so is this gonna be an all out drunk fest like past years I've heard about, or somewhat family friendly? I've got my son.. LOL
  12.'ve been and you know what it's about. I am not going to say there will not be drinking involved, but I do hope that it's in moderation and people will be mindful of who/what is around them.

    If by chance you are interested in going, I would make the suggestion to not choose a site next to 3 other PNW riders camps (just an example), just to ensure you're little one is able to sleep when need be and such.
  13. Drunk fest!

    "and you better know the words!!!"


  14. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    I hope to be rumored as... IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  15. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    hmm.. please teach me master.

    Teasha - oh I know what it's about. If we go this year, we'd be staying in a hotel actually we think. We'd come over during the day/evening time and hang out, but also have the hotel so we can have my son there.

    He'd be fine around the bikes, but was just a question... You know that I'm about the partying from the ol' days. LOL

    Put us in as a maybe for now, and we'd definitely be there for the breakfast and other festivities.

  16. Slurpee straws can be dangerous!!!
  17. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    pming, and needing directions for information on how to prep for this..
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