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Epic group San Francisco!!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Pjohn91, May 3, 2012.

  1. I have never been soooooo I will be doing a 101 blast down the coast to San Fran late July, was wondering if there is any interest in grouping up and enjoying a week on the open road! I am gonna go regardless but I thought it would be fun (and safer) to have some company. I would also love to learn where the good detours are so if you are wise in the ways of California canyons, even better. I definitely want to ride through the Redwoods and was thinking of trying to camp where possible to save some coin and because its fun. Nothing is set yet so chime in and give me some opinions!
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  2. my dad is doing this ride at about the same time.. he wants me to go with but i cant see doing it on the gsxr

  3. i been wanting to do this since i got my bike, i went to the washington coast, and oregon coast, but not cali yet, still researching on how much time it will take
  4. I'm headed down next week. I was kind of planning on hitting I5 to Tumwater, then 101/1 the rest of the way. I'm having fun NOT deciding exactly where I'm going to stay or precisely what route I'm going.
  5. Was not even putting it together but Sunday July 28th is the MotoGP and that is a terrific excuse to go! I think that is firming up my time frame, Leave early Friday, Crescent City first night, San Fran Saturday Leguna Sunday then spend the rest of the week finding our way home. Man I am getting excited just thinking about it.
  6. Group rides over that distance suck. Better to keep it to a manageable number or just agree at rally points along the way.

    My 2 cents.
  7. Gonna be riding down there for MotoGP so might be in depending on itinerary for this.
  8. I'm thinking three or four people would be perfect, would need to meet up and ride with each other though beside a week with incompatible riding partners would not be fun.....
  9. I would love to go to the race...and I really like the idea of riding somewhere far away for a little while. Who knows...
  10. Good luck!

    It took me about 56 hours to reach San Jose during my trip in March.

    I made a detour to Sacramento for a few hours.

    Ride was fantastic, but fatigue is definitely there if you have little experience riding long distance. I had no prior long distance experience and was miserable during some of the long boring periods.

    On my way back, I nearly rode from San Jose to Seattle in one day. I got too tired and had to stop in Portland for the night.

    My right forearm was sore for days due to gripping the throttle for long periods. I would suggest a throttle control to alleviate that issue. But in many parts of 101 you will have to constantly shift gears.

    Now, I look back and should have allocated more time to see the sights and reduce fatigue.

    Best of luck!
  11. I did the ride in 18 hours on the way to SD a few years ago. Now I live down here! Many excellent roads. Worth the ride down 1. :301
  12. There's a ride down to Arnold, CA June 9 I think?

    I went last year, took 101, learned my lesson...its slow and shitty in Oregon. This year I'm going 397 on the east side of the mountains. If you wanna come, look it up and let me know :)
  13. Don't miss the west coast dragon tail, hwy 36(?). Its right next to eureka somewhere.

    Which route is better 397 or 101, if your going down to redwoods? Perhaps go down 101 swing back up thru crater lake then take 397 back home?
  14. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Me and a couple friends are riding down to Laguna for MotoGP. But we will be taking the bikes back up here in a UHaul.

    Basically the plan is to leave Thursday July 26th get down to San Fran Saturday going 101 from Olympia to Nor Cal, then Highway 1 down to San Fran. Takes 3x 6hr days at the speed limit according to google to make it down that way. So the plan is to break it down into more managable daily chunks to avoid being miserable.

    UHaul back is mainly because heading North on I-5 will take about 11 hours, so 3 guys packed into a Uhaul can easily do that in a day. Be back to work for Tuesday.
  15. A buddy and I are doing I5 to Grants Pass then over to Crescent City to take HWY 1 to Eureka. Then we'll take HWY 36 to I5, take that down to HWY 20, maybe, and cut down through the Napa region to San Francisco.

    Anyone know of good roads/areas to ride just north of San Francisco to get us off of I5? (This should be helpful to the OP as well!)
  16. Well, officially on the road. Left at 6 this morning, eating breakfast now then off to Crescent city! Cali bound bitches!!
  17. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Siting in Coos Bay right now. Getting ready for day 2. Should get to Casper California sometime today.
  18. Let me know where you are we can get to Cresent city in two citys
  19. Lunch in Eugene, hotel is in McKinleyville so have a ways to go still
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