Epiphone SG 400 AND Kustom Quad 65DFX AMP

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by DontCageMeBro, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Epiphone SG 400 AND Kustom Quad 65DFX AMP
    Selling as a package for $500. Great deal for excellent rarely used equipment! Only used a handful of times. Just do not have time to play.

    I will separate at $250 for the Kustom Amp and $275 for the SG.

    The guitar is an Epiphone SG in beautiful condition with fairly new strings and comes with a strap. Guitar is only about 4 years old. Comes with a hard case as well that has some rash but in good shape.

    The amp is a 65W Kustom Quad 65DFX with Celestion speaker. Beautiful amp with lots of features and built in effects. This thing sounds amazing. Also only about 4 years old.

    Will throw in a guitar cable and some pics as well.

    Located in Bend, OR. Willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet someone part way. (only if serious)

    Call or text me (Jason) anytime at 541-233- 7 one one six or PM




  2. Still for sale! Make an offer.
  3. Bump!!! Still for sale

    $450 for the package!!! Great price here. Need the money bad right now.
  4. Guitar has sold! Amp is still for sale! $225 obo
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