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Estacada-Phillips Lake-Hells Canyon Id-Clear Lake

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Omnivore, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. 5 of us took a nice 4 day ride (camping) to the locations above.

    We all met in Sparky's pizza parking lot in Estacada headed down 224 to 22 to 126 to 26 to 7 to 86 to 71 to 95 to 12 to 124 to 84 to 86 to 12 to 131 down to Wind river road, to 14 across the Bridge of the Gods, and back to Salem for me.

    We had a bike collection all over the board.
    [​IMG] R6, Bandit 1200, Katana 750, XL600, Virago 1100...Hows that for variety?

    Gas up at Detroit Lake

    Fresh Chip Seal on 86 all the way to 71...yuck... little chips instead of the big ones at least.

    71 following the river in Idaho is a twisty turning joy (as were other places) but it was like 109 over there!

    We made our way up to day 2 camping at Hells Canyon Park ID

    Then over to Clear Lake camp ground in Washington.

    Another Fun Road, but a bit sketchy at times.

    All in all fun trip!!