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Ethanol scam, 3 of my fill up stations just went 10%

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by ninjaplay, May 21, 2012.


    Regulators are at it again, they are just so much smarter than the rest of us that they have to engineer our lives for us at every sector. I've avoided this crap at all avenues. But they just took out 3 of my local stations, and they won't be happy until they have forced us all into this scam. Wake up America!

    Ethanol free gas stations are listed by state, just google it and you'll find list of stations. But they are taking those out dayly. Maybe it's time to spread the word in your area where you can fill up with real gas instead of tractor fuel. Sound off where you buy ethanol free fuel in your area. Some ot the stations haven't even bothered to put up their ethanol stickers yet, as they know they will lose custumers, and they should.

    Vote with your wallet now, and then vote with your head in Nov.

  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    TriCities, WA. The local Conoco stations here still have good gas, for now!
  3. I checked that one out before I posted, but it was far from close to complete. Didn't even list the 3 stations that just blew out on me all Conaco's. And I noticed that they don't list the shell on Nob hill by the freeway, and last time I was there they had straight gas. Maybe motorcyclist don't realize the harm, and the performance issues in using 10% crap. I'd rather throw in 10 diesel than that corn crap. But then again If I'm going to buy a high powered bike, then I'm looking for maximum performance, and maximum maintenance. If I have to I'll buy it and distill it myself. But run it, no thanks.
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  4. James watch those stations, the one I filled up on Sunday didn't have markings showing the 10%, and so I went to their headquarters station, and it had markings and I talked to the lady running the show, and she said the one I just filled up with was also 10%. So that signaled to me it was time to get actively involved with a post. Watch out, if you really care about the issue and investigate. Talk to the owners and let them know you'll stop being a customer if they switch. The lady running those 3 conoco stations said she had already gotten numerous complaints, and they had just switched.
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  5. This got me thinking about a CFN account as most of their stations seems to be corn free.

    Does anyone here have a CFN card and can talk about their experience? What are fuel prices usually? Same as everyone else? Higher? Lower?
  6. I believe all the Conocos in Yak/Gap are E free
  7. Heller & Sons in Hermiston has ethanol free fuel, but you have to request it. Its at the pac pride island and they'll go pump it for even if you don't have a pac pride card. And on an even worse note… It has just been approved to start using 15% ethanol instead of 10%.
  8. Sucks that most of the Ethanol free stations around here are usually hit and miss with gas quality. There is one in Issaquah that has it but I have heard some bad things about the quality of their gas.
  9. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Yup. I ran one (and only one) tank through my motorcycle. It was hard to start, idled like crap, and the bike all-around hated it.
  10. Been using CFN for 5 months now, 92 non corn fuel is 4.60 a gallon.
    Picked up 4.5 mpg with the non corn stuff.
    Won't use anything with corn in it.
  11. Geeze that is expensive! But assuming that 4.5mpg is 10% better fuel economy it does work. says that premium in your area is about $4.40 a gallon. So $4.40 x 110% = $4.84 gallon. So that would in theory drive the dollars per mile down.

    I might have to get a CFN card and see if it plays out in my favor.
  12. Price is definitely a factor but my car and bike run noticeably better on the "good stuff" and i get better mpg.
    all about the win win even if it's not the cheapest fuel you can get.
  13. Wow, that is significantly better fuel mileage for sure!

    I will have to run around town and see if it is all the Conocos here are e free or just some of them.

    My next fill up will be at one of them.
  14. I wish there were closer ones than North Seattle. If the CFN one is promising then I might just have to take a trip to try it out. lol CFN is my initials too.
  15. I just got a CFN card and have run one tank of ethanol free fuel through my Hayabusa. I got it at Small & Sons in Auburn, WA. I tested the fuel and it was definitely ethanol free. The bike ran great with it, but I didn't notice any mileage increase. More mileage testing required I guess. Mileage varies a lot on the busa depending on how I ride it.

    Cost of the E-free gas is a bit higher, on the order of 10-15 cents over other nearby stations. Any vehicle that sits for any length of time will get the good stuff. I don't drive my truck that often do that gets it.
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