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Eugene/Springfield Bike Night

Discussion in 'Eugene Region' started by wileycoyote, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Not a group, not a club, no membership, no fees, no motto, no discrimination and no obligation.

    Bike night is an opportunity to meet some of the other riders you wave to everyday on your way to work, you pass on a weekend ride and you nod to at the gas station. A chance to share stories, experiences, ask questions...offer advice or just chat. Relax after work or school, get out of the house, enjoy good food in a friendly atmosphere and meet new people sharing an interest in motorcycling. We always discuss, plan and setup weekend rides. If you are wanting to ride with a group this is your chance, come meet the faces from the forum and friends ready to help.

    Everyone is welcome, no matter how long you’ve been riding, if you’re experienced, just learning or want to learn. Whether you ride a sportbike, a cruiser, a standard, touring, trike, scooter, or moped.

    Just stop by…
    Location varies by season, but don't worry...they're right next door to each other.

    2nd Friday of every month @ 6:00 pm
    Warm Season Location
    Sonic Drive-In
    2043 Olympic Street
    Springfield, OR 97477

    Cold Season Location
    Abby's Legendary Pizza
    2053 Olympic Street
    Springfield, OR 97477
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  2. I've been meaning to show back up and show off my new to me bike, so this friday 6pm Abbys Pizza it is, correct. I'll park a space way so you don't get any on you. crackup:

  3. Awesome! Although I'm guessing the rain will wash most off it of before you get a chance to sling some on my bike. Sounds like you've been having fun.
  4. Rain just makes a deeper, better quality of mud! The most common brown mud gets soupy in the rain, the red gets like gumbo and the gray gets slick. But it's all fun.
    First super motos are the first weekend in April.
    That weekend is also the Oregon 250 and start of Grand Tour, both events put on by the Rose City Motorcycle Club. I've rode the 250,and 500 several times and do the Grand Tour most every year I can. More information about Rose city events can be found here:

    Super moto schedule:
  5. It's that time again. Bike Night is Friday night @ 6PM! Let's get together at Sonic this month to celebrate the unveiling of Spring! Considering the weather forecast for next weekend, I imagine we'll be planning some rides. Come celebrate with us!

  6. Pretty sure I can make this one!

    I want to see Elvis and the new car ...:nana

  7. I will try to make it.:mrgreen:
  8. Last week was OK for a ride, until I actually got there. It looked like a hurricane was blowing up by the time I left.

    I'll see ya'll this eve.

    Love that bike hauling rig. Maybe JC can show me how to get mine atop a car.
  9. Bike night tonight at 6 pm at Sonic on Olympic in Springfield. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to make it. it's absolutely gorgeous outside. Come on out for our first outdoor bike night of 2011!

  10. Had a blast Wiley, thanks for the invite... I'll try to make more this year.
  11. Bike night is this Friday (5.13). Looks like it'll be nice on Friday for the last time for a while. Let's get out & enjoy the Sun a little.

  12. It's that time! Bike Night tonight!
  13. Great turnout tonight! Here are the pics I snapped.


  14. my bike doesnt look as fancy as those in the pics but ill be there.june 10th.
  15. If that weird, gigantic fireball in the sky doesn't kill us all before then...come on out to Bike Night this Friday night (6.10). The riding season is definitely upon us now, so come on out & let's get together to share the sport that we all so dearly love.

    Also...I've been discussing with SpinCycle the possibility of doing more bike nights during the summer. Not official nights I'm guessing, but there's no reason why some or all of us couldn't meet on the off weeks. What do you think?

    BigByrd...if she's got two wheels & gives you a reason to doesn't matter what she looks like. Bring the new girl out & show her off.
  16. Well, I'm hit/miss with being able to attend so the more dates, the better chance I have of making it! ...this Friday night I'm booked working a football scrimmage so, I won't be there. Maybe next week???
  17. Tater tots 2 nights in a row, woo-hoo! See you guys tonight.
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