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Ever notice how motorcycle cops ride side-by-side

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 1 RED-RR, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Ever notice how motorcycle cops always ride side by side? Every group ride I'm on were always staggered...occasionally you'll end up next to someone...but generally the rule is staggered at a safe distance.

    These guys are always side by side...and good at it they have some different take on this?

    Reminds me of CHiP's...except they were on a trailer :mrgreen:

    Whats your you ride side by side or staggered?

    Any LEO's have an inside knowledge on this?

  2. I know in Oregon it's legal. I know that when I took the safety class through TeamOregon They said it is legal but they don't suggest it. It is unnecessary(i agree) and it only gives you that much less space to maneuver if someone else or you screws up (i agree)

    EDIT: I am from a small town - we only have one bike cop here (not even in my town, seaside). In Corvallis I see them periodically but I have never seen them in pairs, just a loner cop.

  3. I know a lot of motor officers, and have ridden in a lot of different groups.

    Cops tend to spend more time in the saddle, riding alongside their partner quite a bit. Also, their training is intensive and everyone has it.

    I try not to ride paired but rather staggered. I can't stand someone I don't know (or know but not well) riding next to me like that. It's uncomfortable to me, and I don't know what to expect from the other person.
  4. I prefer to ride staggered and like what has already been mentioned, it does happen on occasion that you end up beside someone. I make adjustments and don't stay there very long. However, way back when, I had this Ducati 900ss. I could barely ride it and it wasn't always clear who was in control. Anyway, this Bend motorcycle cop would love to ride alongside me every chance he got. He once tossed a lady her ticket so that he could jump on his bike and join me in the middle of Bend traffic on Hwy 97. I was in one tire rut and he was in the other. It was scary for me, since I was having to use a lot of clutch to keep her going that slowly and this guy is wanting to ride alongside and yack. The only times I ever dropped the stupid thing were in low speed situations. So, here we were doing 20 mph and I'm tweeking that I'm going to drop my bike and knock he and his KZ1000 over infront of a bunch of witnesses. Aaaaagh!

    I didn't, but it took me a while to get my hands to quit shaking.
  5. Where's the poll, RR?
  6. it is legal in WA state too, but i dont suggest it for the same reasons listed above.
  7. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Motorcops ride side by side for visibility and after a lot of training. It takes 80 Hours of Intense Training just in Motor School. The basic school covers clutch/throttle control, braking to include front/rear and combined and what effects that has in slow. moderate and fast speeds. There is slow speed control where you incorporate clutch, throttle and rear brake to go through patterns where you are not only locking your forks on turns but often leaning while making locked fork turns. Then you add surface appraisal, decision making, collision avoidance, emergency braking and pairs riding. You also get High Speed Training and braking in a curve, off road riding to get a taste of riding in gravel, mud, grass, sand. Often times having to complete some sort of timed course. Once you have been taught the basics, you are required to pass a timed test that evaluates your skills. Oh, and more than likely, the track area where you are training will be wet down atleast once, if the school is not during a rainy season. Because, this is Oregon and Motor Oficers will ride in the rain.

    If you pass Basic Motor School, you are then assigned with a Field Trainer where you go through 40 more hours to make sure you can ride a motorcycle and then do all of the rest of the things involved in Policing at the same time.

    After Basic Motors School, a motorcop trains atleast 8 hours a month. That doesn't include any unofficial training, especially if they work with a partner and "practice" during everyday riding. Depending which agency you work for, you are required to requalify (passing the same basic tests or similar tests while being timed, often without a chance to warm up) either every three months or twice a year.

    That's kind of a basic summary. Hope it helps. Any other questions, here to help. We're not all assholes....:ninja:
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
  8. I rode in a group of about 40 riders in CA. SxS at 70mph for about an hour.....motor cops don't impress me that easy...:devil:

  9. :thumbup: cool on ya for laying it out for us

    I prefer to ride staggered myself...cuz ya never know
  10. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    The motorcops are just better than your average biker. That's why!:nana
  11. Hahahahaha!!! Click you fawker :thefinge:

    +1...there's no question on that
  12. I love John and Ponch

    CHiPs FTW :mrgreen:
  13. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    Ive always want to do a wheelie passing all of them. And then when they speed up to catch me I do a stoppie and wham, they hit me. then steal the harley and repeat this process.
  14. Harleys won't wheelie or stoppie with you at the helm.

    I'll ride two abreast on a straight section or the freeway with someone I trust and have ridden with a bunch.
    Perfectly leagal and good for visibility.
  15. They want to ride side by side okay by me!

    I for one won't tell a cop how to ride!

    I really don't care as long as they are not after me!
  16. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    dood I can so wheelie a harley, and stopie, hell I can Do a bunny hop in one. Then a handstand.

    I am the shit
  17. My brother and I have been riding for together since we were little and started street riding together in 2002. We ride side by side in town to increase visibility by increasing our
    footprint. We only do this with in city limits, cause doing it on the open road is just stupid.

  18. Hehehe, you said "a breast".

    Is that a standard for Oregon, or just your location? I only ask because I've seen and heard things about Medford and Ashland's motorcycle police that would make me question 120 hours of solid training. For instance the one I saw lock up to avoid rear ending a car and then dropping the bike...:ninja:
  19. Now, I've heard that police ride side-by-side at night to emulate the headlights of a four-wheeled vehicle. Not only does the practice improve visibility, but provides for a more inconspicuous appearance to other motorists. Can a LEO confirm or deny this rumor that I heard in my childhood? If not, what is the motive behind the practice?

    Will motor patrol break into a staggered formation upon initiating a stop?
  20. I think that is paunch nowadays. crackup:
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