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Experience Powersports Dyno!!?

Discussion in 'Moses Lake' started by flyboy712, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. flyboy712

    flyboy712 Dr Funkenberry

    Hey guys I was trolling through Experience today and the guys in there said they are planning on getting a dyno in there within the next few weeks!!:secret::mfclap:
  2. That is one nice shop. I just bought a bike there, did the whole deal sight unseen from Everett. Drove over, bike was perfect, out the door in 30 min.. Best bike buying experience I have ever had

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Awsome! Who there knows how to use it?
  4. I bought my last two bikes there and would agree they are great to work with. I will give them a shot when they are up and running.
  5. Wonder if my 'ol Italian tractor makes enough HP to even show up on a dyno??
  6. They use another machine on the Italian bikes...the Wino-mometer.
  7. It takes a special dyno to handle the torque of the Italian twins:lol:
  8. I think there might have been a big misunderstanding. Maybe they said they were getting a Dino, not a Dyno.......

  9. flyboy712

    flyboy712 Dr Funkenberry

    It's official Experience Powersports has their dyno!!:mfclap: Runs starting at $85 bucks!
  10. $85 for a run!?! That's insane!
  11. Sweet! I bought some 4.4 there last week...really great guys there
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