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F#&% Good To Go

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by WaGigKPN, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So i am going thru bills today and i see a 2 dollar toll on there...weird because i only cross the narrows which was 2.75 and is now 4.00. On occasion if i am on my motorcycle on 167 i will use the express lanes. never been charged till...July 24th...

    So i call to get it taken off...NOPE! "you were misinformed sir, you do not have a motorcycle pass for good2go." Fuck that! yes i do! Paid 30 dollars for that sombitch 3 years ago! its a big plastic license plate pass for a motorcycle...thats all they sold for motorcycles 3 years ago...NOPE says the poor good2go lady on the other end of the phone. then she tells me i didnt pay 30 dollars for it because that is the amount to replenish the account! FUCK! I KNOW WHAT I PAID LADY, I REMEMBER LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY BECAUSE MY TOTAL BILL THAT DAY WAS LIKE 60 BUCKS!!!...So its obvious to me that young lady on phone has not been with good2go for very long and has not fucking clue what she is talking about...

    So i emailed a complaint to G2G...and beware if you have been riding for longer than 3 years and never upgraded your motorcycle g2g pass.

    Fuck you, its not that long, you can read it...

  2. That's a lotta rage fo' two dollaz' :evil4:
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    Slightly related, I've always wondered how the 167 HOV lane works when you have a good2go BUT you're also a carpool? My impression was that carpools of 2 or more are free to use the hov lane (no good2go pass) and if you are single occupancy but have a good2go pass you can be in the hov lane for whatever the going rate is. However, what if you have a good2go pass AND are a carpool? How does the system distinguish between the two?
  4. Those people have a card they put over the sticker. It's supposed to stop the sticker from being charged when they have passengers. Not positive on how it worked, I think it was magnetic or something.
  5. If that's the case, why not just always have the card over the sticker and never pay? !@#$ the STATE and !@#$ the MAN
  6. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Because some of us use the good2go to cross both 520 and the Narrows occasionally. The cost for crossing 520 without a good2go is 50% more when they send you a paper bill.
  7. What I mean is take the card off the sticker when you need it, otherwise cover it up when you're in the hov lane.
  8. That happened to me. I had to call in and ask, and you will be charged every time you use to carpool which has a toll on it (ie. 167) , the good to go will be charged unless you turn it off.. and the only way to turn it off is to either cover it or buy the good to go pass that allows the option of switching it from active to inactive.
  9. also if you take off the sticker and put it back on, removing the sticker damages the chip inside the sticker so you'll have to buy another pass for like 8 bucks..
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    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    I'll just drive backwards when on 167. Sounds easier.
  11. Ah, okay I'll stop trying to cheat the system then :(

    ....and drive illegally in the carpool lane like always.
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  12. I was working on the House Transportation Committee about 4-5 years ago when they were thinking this stuff up.
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    correct me if I'm wrong
    motorcycle have an unrestricted access to the HOV lanes .
    it says it right there on the signs along SR 167
    so you don't need a G2G pass if you're on the bike

    also straight from WSDOT web site

    Q. Are motorcycles with a Good To Go! pass charged a toll in the HOT lane?
    A. No. Motorcyclists may use the HOT lane toll free. Motorcyclists with a Good To Go! Pass affixed to their headlight do not need to shield the pass. Drivers must contact the customer service center and ensure their vehicle and pass are flagged in the system as a motorcycle. The system is then able to filter out pass reads for motorcycles.
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  14. Rode down to Eagle Leather in Auburn Saturday morning using the 167 south out of Renton. The first HOV lane sign I saw specifically included motorcycles. Single line at the bottom of the sign. I was looking for a sign because I was in a car on the same route a couple of months ago and this same question came up and no one had a definitive answer.
  15. You can now do it by license plate and ditch the stickers and the old black bar. It costs an extra 25 cents but to me well worth it as I only cross the narrows a few times each year.
  16. Yeah, see this is what pissed me off. The dumb lady on customer service said that black bar was not for motorcycles, which i believe may be true now, but back in the day it was for motorcycles, and her insistence on the topic pissed me right off.

    I wont be doing the dumb .25 per trip b/c i cross it many times a week with work...
  17. Well, a lot's already been said on the topic but I won't let that stop me...

    The G2G passes I purchased for my cages are "switchable" passes which, while in their default position, allow me to be tolled and can be switched off if I happen to comply with HOV requirements for 167's HOT lanes... (You pull down on a little handle and slide the pass in/out of its housing... Out = no toll, In/default position = toll).

    I have the newer motorcycle G2G sticker on my bike but, since my plan was to mount it on my windscreen, I waited for my custom screen to arrive before applying. In the meantime, I had my license plate registered in my G2G account and got dinged by the G2G folks for the full tilt boogie no pass/no license toll when I went over 520 in June. I have the Wild on Washington plates and, for some reason, their ultra-cool-technologically-advanced system didn't recognize my plate. To address this, the G2G customer service agent created a second entry in my G2G account with my license plate details for a 'normal' WA plate so that the system would recognize it...
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