F/S again :( 06 kawi zx10r

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by malentendu arete, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. here is my link to craigslist...someone buy it soon!!! i have a lead on a 1098 and a deposit going down. anyone can come by and check this bike out in person, its pristine and tons of fun to ride. gobs of power and braking ability!!! :mfclap:

  2. i am selling my bike because i need to fund its replacement. the bike is in GREAT shape NEVER down or tipped over. the bike has a little under 2500 miles on it (2422 as of the time of writing) . no scratches or dings. ridden gracefully and by an ADULT. these parts are included with the motorcycle and i will not part it out! here are the mods listed and come as part of the package:

    carrozzeria v6 gold wheels: $1650.00 (500 miles)
    akrapovic carbon fiber bolt ons: $750.00
    power commander III/custom map: $270.00
    brembo M/C billet: $350.00
    galfer front disks, not pictured but will be on the bike at point of sale: $550.00 (0 miles)
    galfer HH pads: $50.00 (500 miles)
    galfer steel lines: $80.00 (500 miles)
    real HID 8k headlights high and low beam: $210.00
    no cut frame sliders: $80.00
    swing arm sliders: $30.00
    OEM seat cowl: $100.00
    clear tank protector: $15.00
    Competition works fender eliminator: $120.00

    suspension is set up for a 185-200lb rider. needless to say this bike is a great package for a track bike or a weekend canyon carver. light wheels with great braking ability and TONS of power all through the range. i need to sell this bike ASAP as i have a lead on my next bike coming through. any questions or need more pics please email or call: i have ALL the receipts for the parts listed. 509-863-6247 ~ kellen (( keep in mind that the 07's are going for $11,200 out the door plus the $4,250.00 i put into it. thats excluding labor prices too.))

    you all know what it looks like by my other pics...:)
  3. Daves929

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  4. liv4thekill

    liv4thekill Mr. Lexus

    Good luck on the 1098. Every day you ride it will be the best day of your life! What color? S? Base?
  5. base...last one seattle duc has...might even be an 08 from what dave r. was saying.
  6. liv4thekill

    liv4thekill Mr. Lexus

    Yeah, I hear the 08's are starting to trickle in now. Keep us posted.
  7. dave r says there should be one in...might not...wont get anything unless this bike sells though :(
  8. price drop...10k and the galfer rotors, brembo MC on the bike now...brembo calipers on the way...someone snatch this!!! i need a duc
  9. Oly ZX

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    Post on CL not there anymore? I'd like to buy it but couldn't afford that plus cost of divorce:mrgreen:

    Good Luck with sale!
  10. yeah i took it down i am going to repost again as they expire after a certain amount of time? i got a bunch of calls all from schmucks offering 8500...owell...:nana
  11. someone make me a decent offer!!!
  12. Take their offer for 8500. Take off the exhaust and other goodies, and you'll make your money. Then again.......how much do you want that 1098? If its worth it to you... you know?
  13. i would but i sold the stock wheels already...and most of the other parts to compensate :) its a good deal for whoever buys it for sure...
  14. clinty poo

    clinty poo vrrooom636

    I've seen the bike in person and it's just flat out gorgeous.. Someone is getting one HELL of a bike.. good luck bro!
  15. sell the 05...:ninja:
  16. Love those rims.....Bump
  17. If I was in the market this bike would have me thinking of things other than RSVR1000's, it is beautiful.

    I am not a fan of the current generation ZX-10, but that one with those goodies I would be proud to ride.

  18. All those goodies on it and your selling it for a ducati 1098...I was in the same boat as well for that bad boy, but decided it wasnt worth the loss of your ride for that. That is one good looking ZX10R though. Good Luck!
  19. bump for a nice machine with all the right stuff done to it.
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