Faclo Podium Gloves - XL

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  1. Barely used - worn twice - essentially brand new

    Falco 301 Podium Gloves. Super soft, very well built. Stock is running out at AMG so get some now without having to pay for shipping and save some money!


    Size XL

    $130 obo



    **Also check out the http://pnwriders.com/gear-parts-accessories/171153-pirelli-diablo-supersport-set-brand-new.html and the http://pnwriders.com/gear-parts-accessories/171174-pc3-vanson-1pc-suit.html or the http://pnwriders.com/miscellaneous/171178-arcteryx-sidewinder-sv-jacket-goretex-xcr.html
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  2. Actual pics now up! Essentially brand new gloves!
  3. Good morning. Who wants to buy gloves?!
  4. These gloves are the bees knees.

    If they had an extra x in front of them I'd take them.
  5. You should buy the power commander :) that doesn't care what size you or I wear, same with the pirelli diablos!
  6. My power commander would get jealous.

    And so would my spankin new 003RS's.

    Good luck sir.
  7. Happy Friday!
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