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Fall Hare Scrambles, Richland, WA Nov. 4

Discussion in 'Central' started by james1300, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Eastern Washington Dirt Riders Association

    Sunday, Nov 4, 2012

    Event: Fall Hare Scramble

    Location: Richland ORV Park (Horn Rapids) Hiway 240

    Date/Time: Nov. 4~7:00AM


    Horn Rapids ORV Park INFO>>>

    Eastern Washington Dirt Riders
    Spring / Fall Hare Scrambles
    At Horn Rapids ORV Park
    Richland Washington

    No one really remembers exactly but we think our first race was in 1982. We had a Poker Run on the future site of the Richland ORV park in 81 or 82. For sure we had an 83 Grand Prix because we still have a hat. After a few years we went to two races a year. Since 1999 we have been the 1st Sunday in March and November. We have partial records back to February 1989 with a low of 115 bikes and a high of 276 total entries in Spring of 2006. We’ve come close to canceling a few times (Once we had three foot snow drifts and deep freeze conditions on the weekend prior to our race but a Chinook wind on Friday and one lap with a D-4 Caterpillar on Saturday pulled it out.) but only in November 2000 after the big Hanford Fire burned the triangle down to bare dirt did we actually cancel the race.
    Somewhere in there we had a class for three and four wheelers, I believe we had three with maybe one quad. That was only for one race but in November 1992 we added a separate ATV Sprint, one 20 mile lap (20 entries, mostly quads.) Since the only cost to the club to have a quad race was more classes of trophies it made economic sense but somewhere in 95 or 96 we only had 7 quads enter so for the next race we didn’t put out a quad race flyer we put out a threat letter; more entries or we’d stop having the quad race. This had the desired effect and we never had single digits again. In March of 1999 we offered a second lap and 12 of 52 quads raced in the “Ironman”. In March 2006 we changed our classes to bring them in line with other pure quad races and our entries jumped from the previous high of 57 to 80.
    Once upon a time our race went all over the Horn Rapids Triangle from Richland to the tip. When the irrigated fields went in we were limited to just from the park to the tip. Later we arranged to race around the outside of the triangle. This was our biggest course at a full 20 miles. This layout included some trees in toward Richland , a wicked swamp we called the Backwater Blackwater and a half mile in the bottom of a concrete lined irrigation ditch which made for awesome high banked turns. This all came to an end when Richland put a paved road across the triangle. For a while we had from the tip to the park and by making two and even three loops outside the park we kept the miles up to around 20. Then Richland gave about half the land west of the park to WSU to develop an agricultural research station which never got funded. The city would like to reacquire the land from WSU. But though they gave the land away for free they’d have to buy it back. Since then we have just had the park and down around the landfill and have had to have twice as many 10 mile laps.
    Since the Park has been privatized we have been restricted entirely to the area inside the park boundaries. By using all the tracks except the supercross and all the areas in between we still have right on 10 miles.

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  2. Back in the Fall of '92, I raced an '83 YZ250 in the 60 mile Hare Scramble there. Felt like a death march, could barely stand when I was finished. Didnt do bad, though, I finished 36th overall out of over 200 riders.

    Nice to see this still going on!

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    BUMP! Setting the course Saturday, Working on the course, Sunday.
    Not racing. Too old and I don't heal too fast! I did find out the course will use all the closed race tracks, 'Except' the Super Cross track! This is gonna be fun! Come out and Join us! Or come out and Watch!(bring the kids)!!
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Fall Hare Scrambles BUMP!
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