fallen rider kirkland area

Discussion in 'Westside' started by suzuki4life, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. some one in the kirkland area went down this morning. saw this at about 8:00. looks like an r6. Seems like the camry didn't yield to the light, or that the Camry was in the middle and tried 2 beat the light just as the r6 was trying 2 beat it also.

  2. *shakeshead*

    in the morning, dont try to beat things.
    especially when its drizzling

    hope the rider is alright
  3. Interesting paint scheme.
  4. Yellow and white. WaFp, you okay man? Bike looks like yours bro. :evil4: j.k
  5. Oh lord here goes the thread.

    BTW, my yellow and white one is a tad less...sporty than that.
  6. Mikercw

    Mikercw Forum Leghumper

    Thats a friend of mine.. Actually he is my tech at my Kirkland store.
    He is in serious condition at overlake... Being taken to harborview here shortly
  7. :sad: In the prayers, bro. Update us when you can.
  8. shitty! :angry7:

    definitly wish him the best
  9. +1
  10. Sorry to hear that! Hope he will be alright
  11. I hope the rider pulls through okay. Sucks that everyone seems to be in a big fat hurry all the time. We need to slow down, especially in heavy traffic areas.

    Prayer out to the rider.
  12. PS: NEVER do what this rider did. The moment you lay it down, you give up. You can tell he laid down the bike prior to impact by the oil cleaner on the road.
  13. best wishes to the downed rider. hope for a real quick heal
  14. MichelinMan

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    What makes you think that? :scratchea

    Given the angle of the road and photo, it looks like it's a downhill slope. And considering the hills in Kirkland, it doesn't look like he laid it down IMO.
  15. All the oil powder leading away from the bike? :scratchea
  16. MichelinMan

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    Again... downhill?

    If he had laid it down, wouldn't it have tucked under the car most likely? You can see how it smacked the front fender and then folded over. Doesn't look like a lay down to me.

    Either way... best wishes for the rider. I hope he comes out of this ok.
  17. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    prayers to ur co-worker mike.

    gimme a call later if u need anythin.
  18. *shrug* True, I don't know the road.
  19. oh no! I hope he pulls through okay. :( :(

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