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fast internet in seattle

Discussion in 'Westside' started by ryd-or-dy, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. new to the area and was wondering what is the best and fastest internet available? i live by northgate area.

    would appreciate any help thanks:thumbup:

  2. verizon FIOS if its availble there
  3. Comcast ftw
    Reliable and consistent speeds. Did I mention it was fast?
    I get HD netflix and I have their "slowest" subscription. That and I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service, had them for 7'ish years.
  4. I like Comcast. It's fast and it never ones down.
  5. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    +1 Comcast. Just avoid customer service like the plague. Luckily it's hardly ever down...unless you forget to pay. Whoops.
  6. Comcast was awesome in Everett but they've done nothing but bend me over and shit in my breakfast for the past 18 months now that I've moved to Renton. Their customer service is shit, they randomly overcharge me, and my service is out at least once a month while I'm trying to do school online. I've had a tech out to my house three times since moving south.
  7. Comcast. I routinely see 14 - 15 Mbps on Mercer Island, very few service interruptions and I always get a credit for the break in service when I call to ask what is going on. They recently changed their phone support so that has gone down hill. Think of it as a patience building exercise. Call when the service is interrupted, speak to a live person and ask for a credit for the missed service. Usually only a couple of dollars of gas money.
  8. Comcast is quite reliable.. if you supply your own commercial grade modem. Use of their equipment resulted in chronic poor connection stability under high load (gaming/streaming), excuses given included blaming perfectly good and tested equipment, eventually one tech admitted none of our replacement units had been new or likely even tested at the regional testing facility. Most are simply field tested, if they still function, back out they go.
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  9. I have frontier FIOS and I get 13-15 Mbps through wifi on my phone. I've never tested with a wired connection but I'm sure that it would be higher. I can't complain too much because the only time it has gone out in 2 years was when the router/modem failed. They had a new one to me and a credit on my bill the next month.
  10. Comcast is good for residential use in the Seattle area, +1 to supplying your own Cisco modem for quality signal strength throughout your house.
  11. What modem do you guys use? I've been using the Motorola DOCSIS3 modem for a few years now and love it.
  12. Screw comcast. I've got cascade link. They're local, the lowest speed they offer is 30/30mbps, they're cheaper than comcast for the speed AND consistency, plus great service. Sadly they have a small coverage area it seems.

    I vote FIOS over comcast if you can get it and if you actually use the internet (more than 250GB of data per month). Otherwise, just get comcast and deal with their outages, terrible customer service, a data cap, and constant price spikes.
  13. Don"t know what is offered up there for Centurylink. 40Mbps consistently. Can stream HD on 2 tv's and play on youtube and here with no problem whatsoever. They keep giving me the introductory rate so it is cheaper and faster then what I was getting from Comcast.
  14. thanks guys ill check them all out and try and get somethin by end of next week so im not looking like a creepo at the local starbucks, but gonna miss the young pretty easily influenced lol.

    i had verizon fios in cali and wish i could still have it but its not in WA yet and it was the probably the fastest in the world. was paying $60 a month and worth every penny, so money isnt an issue when it comes to internet cause usually the best is the most spendy which sounds like comcast. never had problems with service at all except they always had a different phone number and address in my account every month when i went online to pay online, but it never interrupted my service. calling customer care sucked cause most call centers are in india and i had to translate my own language for them to understand me -f**king annoying-
    besides that netflix and browsing was seamless and i murdered everyone on call of duty.

    also i moved into my new apartment and the landlord wont let me hook up my direct tv and i heard that hes not allowed to do that and looked online and theres a national law stating that hes not but that he also can.
    anyone know details about this? ive never ran into this or heard of anyone having this problem before so im kinda foggy on the situation.
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  15. He probably doesn't want you attaching the dish to the building. Look up the Seattle renters law and show that to him if you need to (federal law probably works too).

    "Verizon" fios was up here but they sold it to Frontier so check for that, you can try and get it but since you said Northgate I'm rather doubtful it's available that far south.
  16. Comcast has a 50 and 100 mbps service. I have the 50 myself and regularly test at 65+ download with 15+ upload, and have not had an outage in 2 years. Which means I have never spoken to customer service, so I can't speak to that...
  17. What Comcast are you talking about? The one I had constantly raised my rates and had constant equipment failures and inconsistent speeds. Not to mention by the time I dropped em I was paying close to 200 a month.

    I will NEVER go back to CON-CAST.
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