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Discussion in 'Astoria' started by MOTT, May 30, 2010.

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  2. I heard the same thing, over by Tongue Point. My sister's boyfriend called saying traffic was backed up and was expected to be backed up for a few hours. I'm assuming it was backed up so long so they could do an investigation unfortunately.

  3. Another one? damn this sucks, summer hasn't even started.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if their are more crashes/fatalities in Spring than there are in Summer. Quite a few reasons... Lots of new bikers in Spring (me being one of them!), people showing off and/or going crazy on the first few rides of the year, and general excitement can make for crazy rides.
  5. ASTORIA, Ore. -- A southeast Portland man driving with his 13-year-old daughter was arrested Sunday evening after crashing head-on into a motorcycle on Highway 30 east of Astoria, troopers said.

    Oregon State Police Lt. Duane Stanton said 44-year-old Kenneth Middleton was driving a pickup truck at about 6 p.m. Sunday near Tongue Point. He swerved into the westbound land on a blind curve and collided head-on into a motorcycle, troopers said.

    The motorcycle driver was thrown into a nearby field, Stanton said, and the truck dragged the motorcycle before stopping along the side of the highway.

    Troopers said they identified the motorcycle driver as 35-year-old Andrew Church, of Rainier. Church was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

    Middleton was taken to the Clatsop County Jail on charges of manslaughter, DUII, reckless driving, reckless endangering another person.

    Neither Middleton nor his daughter were injured, trooper said, and both were wearing seat belts.

    The investigation is ongoing, Stanton said.
  6. Wow what a piece of shit....That sucks.Atleast he is getting charged with a bunch of shit.
  7. I heard about it through some friends who were on Hwy 30 trying to get home from Rainier to Seaside. They were stuck on Hwy 30 in the backup. Does anyone here know the rider or the drunk driver that hit him? Did anyone hear what type of motorcyle he was on?

    I ride or drive that road everyday going to and from work. Those curves are the only fun part to ride. That really sucks for the rider. I wonder if he could have done anything to avoid it. From the report, it sounds like he was completely innocent in the accident. I worry more about animals jumping in front of me than cars coming into my lane. I doubt the rider would've been any better off if he was in a small car. If he had been in a bigger vehicle than the truck that hit him, it would have resulted in the drunk and his daughter being injured or killed also. Sad story for sure.
  8. It's always sad to hear of a tragedy like this . RIP to the rider and hopefully the drunk idiot will learn something from this WHILE spending some time behind bars . He could have injured or killed his own kid . Think of how his daughter is feeling right now ! I think penalties should be alot stiffer for DUI crimes .
  9. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    If this one has a past record of DUII I will be off the top pissed!

    AND, if he gets off with "time served", or charges dropped or anything less than guilty of involuntary manslaughter I will be quite vocal as well.
    His daughter being in the car only shows his lack of awareness, it doesn't necessarily show his ability to be a good father or good provider.
    The act of driving drunk and killing is the only issue here!

  10. Disagreed...

    Having another person in the car with you while operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants is reckless endangerment in the State of Oregon...

    Good fathers don't recklessly endanger their children.
  11. I can't count the number of times pick up drivers have short cutted a corner directly into my lane. Remember to swing it wide and take a look, then dive in to hug the inside-it may save your life. It sucks that people are too drunk and lazy to stay on the right side of the road. I've been on the scene of 2 motorcycle fatalities now in the last 6 weeks and both had full safety gear and leathers
  12. RIP Rider. Damn that just sucks all around. I'm glad they at least were able to arrest and charge the offender and he didn't run. Still doesn't make up for the fact that he ruined multiple people's lives.
  13. Did you see his truck?!I dont think he could have ran if he wanted to.That truck was messed up!Too much of this lately....
  14. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    He still had his feet and his legs. He could have run.
  15. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    I disagree with Oregon statutes then. There is no correlation to divide his responsibility beyond the crime he committed. The statutes are nothing more than a safety net so they can get him on something.
    Whether he risks his children or a pedestrian is equal in my eyes and should be equal in the courts eyes. Risk is an absurd law. Damages should be charged, but risk? You risk my life riding past my house! I was in the yard when you crashed into the hedge, therefore this insane risk statute should be equally applied. Or removed from the books.
    If he hurt that child he should then be charged, but risk is fucked up.

    Helmet law, seat belt law, three wheelers out lawed, child seats and the unbelievable amount of laws which should still be our rights to decide. Not the state!!!!!
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  16. Risk is an absured law but we all risk you breathing everyday and know the harm that you can cause to our brains from your constant rambling but for now you are free to do so untill OHTERS say otherwise :thefinge: .

    Same could be said for the A holes that wheelie down the Highway . They could lose their 450lb bike and it flips into the other lane killing a family in a automobile . That's involentary Manslaughter ! Not wrecking and just commiting the act is Wreckless indangerment .

    So the guy who was drunk and killed a biker with his daughter in the truck was guilty of Manslaughter and wreckless endangerment because he put his child at risk . Had he not been drunk it would be a little bit different . Maybe no charges for endangering his child . Law's are ment to protect us from our own stupidity . They also want us to live longer so we can pay more tax's :nana
  17. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    I don't want or need parenting by government. If anyone drives down the road and kills a biker through shear negligence, he should face the death penalty, period. His daughter uninjured except the knowledge of her fathers huge failure should be enough for them both.
    My point is we allow more and more laws to close in on the same ones people aren't following now. I believe it is because of the anti-death penalty bunch supports the use of more soft touch correction, which did nothing to stop this bonehead from killing. One sure fix, kill him!
    The child being there is only applicable if she assisted, empowered him to do such a thing or grabbed the wheel. The laws already exist, we don't need layer laws to soft touch criminals. We need laws simple and clear and then fecking follow through with them.

    Wheely down the road fine, hit someone, kill some one you will surly die yourself, injure someone spend life in prison. Grow the feck up and deal with the responsibility we all have to each other or if you screw up it is serious, no more pussy justice! But that is just about as possible as Arizona being supported! Fecking people enabling crime and bitching about it, sound familiar?
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  18. I guess we should just do away with all forms of licensing and let people drive what ever they want . To hell with HAZMAT endorsements too . This should be applied with guns too . Fk the ATF laws , I want to carry a full auto AR 15 pistol :thefinge: . We need to go back to the old west when we could shoot thieves and people that mean us harm . Go back to tying a rope around some dirtbags neck and swing them from a tree . Beat people for just being stupid crackup:.
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