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Ferrari vs Bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by rpm97503, May 16, 2012.

  1. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Bad link... Doesn't post story in case it moves... Fail

    Ferrari Drivers Charged In NJ Motorcyclist's Death
    [​IMG] The Ferrari drivers whose driving led to one of the cars swerving into a motorcycle on a service road near MetLife Stadium, killing the motorcyclist, were charged with death by auto. Joseph Ferretti, 28, of Dumont, and Joseph Meyer, 19, of Oveido, Fla., are being held on $50,000 bail each (no 10% option), and NJ State police say that the pair also face traffic violations. A witness who saw the Ferraris before the crash said they were going "faster than you see on an interstate."

    On Sunday morning, motorcyclist Stephen Lenge, heading to his job as a stagehand for the Electric Daisy Festival, was traveling on Berry's Creek Road, which is a service road around the stadium parking lot. The silver and red Ferraris, being driven to a car event at the stadium, were coming in the opposite direction when Meyer allegedly lost control of the silver Ferrari and spun, prompting Ferretti to go around the other vehicle—and into the opposite lane, colliding head first into Lenge.

    Lenge's motorcycle was ripped in two while the front of the red Ferrari was crushed. The speed limit for the road is 25 MPH and the Bergen Record reports, "Forrest Harrell, a stagehand from Virginia, said he saw the two Ferraris racing past him while he and some other workers were on a break. He said the cars were going 'faster than you see on an interstate' and that the silver car swerved first, with the red car going around it before both were obscured by a puff of smoke and debris."

    Joe Villani, business manager for the stagehands' union and friend of Lenge's, told the Record that Lenge was a "motorcycle advocate" and spoke about being safe while riding the bike. Villani saw the wreckage, "He never had a chance. I saw the motorcycle in pieces, and my friend on the ground."

    Ferretti and Meyer are employed by Gotham Dream Cars, which produces an event called the Dream Car Sprint, where people can pay $100 to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini in a closed course at MetLife Stadium. A spokesperson for Gotham Dream Cars said, "At this point, we do not have any comment because it is an ongoing investigation."

  2. parting out perfectly good bike, i just dont want it anymore, some scrapes on the side from when i dropped it in my garage.
  3. rip rider, at that speed it was probably painless
  4. What a bunch of idiots. They had a closed course in the same parking lot that they were racing around, and killed someone just going to work.
  5. Thanks, I fixed the link.
  6. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    At least they are being Criminally charged. Rip to the rider.
  7. +1.
  8. Damn, RIP

    Yeah, pretty sure those asshats were going faster than 25mph...

    WTF, Really????????

  9. Driver may have been family, both were employees. The riders family may have a new business opportunity.
  10. Who in their right mind would let a 19 year old drive one of those cars? Must be the owner's son or something. At 19 with a car like that... it just screams be stupid!

    RIP to the rider. Damn shame.
  11. very glad they're being charged to the full extent of the law

    pretty clear that's WELL above 25mph

    Bastards, may you rot in prison.

    RIP rider.
  12. WTF is up with those half-assed neckbeards? Somebody is going to get sued to death.
  13. So stupid and avoidable. RIP Rider. I honestly hope the last thought through his head was not "oh fuck!"
  14. So the two idiots totaled two Ferraris, a motorcycle, AND took someone's life? These two scum bags aren't worth the air they breathe.
    Their death penalty should be to drop their own cars on top of them from a crane, or slowly steamroll them.
  15. Seems a bit harsh, and I'm all for roadside execution of DUI's.
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