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Filed Robbery attempt at Ducati Dealer

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by sschering, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Those fuckers better have gotten a raise...
  3. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member


    hopefully the people get found out and the shit kicked out of them.
  4. three things i noticed:

    a. they drive on the wrong side of the road in croydon
    2. i sure hope that was a chick riding the scooter in a "hi vis"
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  5. I lol'd the second time the scooter was pushed over.
  6. Me too. Best part of the video. Fucker had it coming even if he wasn't a criminal.

    Only way it could have been more lame is if he was an a ruckus...

  7. Fuckin Nickelback
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  8. I dont condone this in any way shape or form... but theres 2 fricken bikes sitting already outside!!
  9. Failing at spelling Failed:thefinge:
  10. I was hoping they'd just keep pushing that one guy down every time he pulled the scoot back up. Just like "No way man, you're losing that scooter! Ours now!"

    At least they got that pry bar as a trophy.
  11. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Near Genius I say! Almost epic.

    Stealing bikes? why not do a Ducati? Good $ value and the staff should be weenies!!!
    One problem...,we are bigger weenies!!!
  12. They've got cables running through the wheels, so they'd need hefty bolt cutters to make off with those.
  13. Cables running through the wheels during normal business hours? Ive never seen that at any dealerships around Seattle area or here in MT. Wouldnt surprise me to see it though with asshats like these guys running around.

    edit: never mind I just rewatched the video and saw the cables...
  14. I wonder what they were planing on doing with the bikes once they got them out of the shop? I mean it's not like they're going to have the keys in them and be able to fire em up and ride off. How we're they planning on getting the bikes outta there? Use the scooter key in the Duc?
  16. Ducati Croydon = Win!

    Criminals = Epic Fail

    I was also hoping that he'd keep pushing the scooter over. That was awesome.
  17. London seems to be a rough place to own a motorcycle.
  18. Kind of disappointed that the staff didn't go into full on battle royale beatdown.
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