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First bike...what to do? suggestions?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Psullivan20, May 17, 2012.

  1. So here is my first bike! Need suggestions on what to do to it and PLEASE don't start with insurance thread again because I have it. Here is what I got already thats being installed as we speak.

    1. HID's
    2. Angel Eyes
    3.Flush mount turn signals
    4.Integrated Tail Light
    5.Fendor Eliminator kit
    6.Full titanium Graves exhaust
    7. I1100 Scorpion alarm
    8. New windscreen
    9. PC5
    10. Graves No cut frame sliders
    11. Being mapped and tuned by nels

  2. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Riding classes and track days?

  3. Nice bike. What kind of experience do you have?
    Not specific bike related, but one of the best mods you could do is on you! Take the MSF basic, advanced, and performance oriented riding courses, they will help you wring out and actually use some of the capability of that machine. While helping you stay alive.
    What kind of riding gear do you have? Get the best stuff you can, it's worth it.
  4. Wanna know the best mod you could do?

    Go trade it in for something suitable for a first bike.
  5. Okay so my bike was kind of a gift from the wifey and she didn't know anything about motorcycles either except there fast so ofcourse she got a 2011 R1. Rode dirt bikes for awhile and never a streetbike, Sooo about 600 miles worth and most of them freeway. so none really. Classes are gonna happen for sure! I had to make a trip to afghanistan for a few things (military) and coming back soon so first class is already paid for and set up. I have an alpinestars leather jacket, alpine stars gloves with CF, Scoprion helmet, need riding pants and boots but to be honest I won't wear boots wile riding the street. I know and you guys can preach all day but its not gonna happen unless im out doing serious riding not just cruising because I get off and do other things and they arent attractive or comfortable. Thats pretty much it.

    I will pass on turbo and nos for now, fast enough for me as is. thanks though

  6. If your gonna answer like this? save your time, Its already bought not losing a few grand over it. Not gonna get rid of it, unless your wanna pay for it all then be my guest.
  7. So many troll threads lately. This is fantastic!
  8. At least pick up some sturdy leather hiking boots that cover your ankle. Take a second and think about rolling across the ground at 50+mph, your leg whipping against the pavement and the first thing that hits...each time, is the side of your ankle.

    Food for thought.
  9. Consider street style boots...Icon Superduty, Astars SMX2, etc. I've got Superduty and I've hiked Little Si in them.

    There are also jeans/canvas pants that are reinforced for riding, if you're not after leather pants.

    Sounds like you've got the standard mod list covered short of braided brake lines, Woodcraft stator cover, etc. Maybe also contact KFG or FSS or someone and at least have sag and such setup for you, if you want to dump more money in respring for your weight.
  10. ^this
  11. So why the full system, PC5, and custom map? :scratchea

    Because my liter bike is fast enough for me too. Never had a problem getting her to go like a rapped ape, I like the bitch to stop when I want her to so the 1st thing I mod in SS brake lines. I also like to ride for hours and hate my hands going numb so gel grips. And with the no fading brakes I like my balls so I add Stomp Grip. Oh and get the suspension set up for your weight.
  12. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Beautiful bike.

    My suggestions?

    - Get seat time. Lots of it.
    - Get more seat time.
    - Spend time riding it before you drop all kinds of $ modding it
    - Get more seat time.
  13. I have plenty hiking boots. I WILL buy boots for riding. I was just simply saying if im going out to starbucks or the store or what not then I wouldnt wear them. If I am going out of a ride for a period of time then yeah I will wear them. I lose a foot on a trip to albertsons then fuck me ill hobble my cripple ass over and bring you a six pack and say you were right.
  14. Too Late its already being done. BUT I will take all classes and will be at track days. I went my own route, don't slam me too hard guys.
  15. So your saying an exhaust and PC5 is comparible to a bike with a turbo and nos? Please explain Im a noob remember
  16. Ohlins SBK forks and TTX shock
    BST wheels
    BrakeTech carbon rotors
    Brembo monoblocks

    the list can go on and on...

    but in all seriousness, bolt on what you've already got, get Nels to map it, have one of our local suspension gurus set up your boingers, ride it... then decide if there is anything else you "need". $0.02

    Does your wife have a sister?... j/k... Helluva first bike! Lucky man!
  17. No one is slamming you. Just giving you words of wisdom from the experienced. We all wanna keep see you riding for years to come on that same R1 as shiny as the day you got it.

    What MM said.

    Seat time, seat time, seat time. And for the love of all that is good in this world, respect the throttle. Fuck dumping more money into performance mods. Get some top notch gear, Sliders, case savers, anything that will save you from getting fucked up in a crash, and money repairing your bike.
  18. Why are you adding a FULL system? I get that a lot of people hate the stock cans and or want a different sound and both can be achieved with a simple slip on. In my experience people get full systems for the added horsepower. Same reason adding NOS or turbo to different results. So if you, on your brand new bike, want more horsepower not go for the MOAH (mother of all horsepower) and just get on the bottle or add the boost?

    And for those in the peanut gallery suggesting weight savings with a full system why not drop the $$$ and go for unsprung weight savings with aftermarket wheels?

    For me, the last thing I need to do to my bike is add HP when it's challenging enough to get what I have to the ground as effectively as possible. Suspension, brakes, wheels, controls, etc IMHO are not a "flashy" but much better mods to a bike than engine / exhaust work.

    EDIT Or before doing much modifications to a bike other than protective stuff, crash cage, sliders, covers, etc learn to ride the bike as is then add performance stuff when you know what you need to preform better.

    EDIT EDIT It's your bike, you're an adult, do what ever the fuck you want to with it. Thanks for your service and I hope you stick around the site for a while.
    Last edited: May 17, 2012
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