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first long ride -dyre mine-

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mineman bruce, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. It has been awhile since i posted, back to back (and about to have a third) deployments have made time pretty tight. But prior to this deployment I am on currently, I finally got the chance to ride my first "long" ride. It was only maybe 3-4 hours, and I only ate it once ( ok maybe 3-4 times). But overall, I had a blast, and I finally got to spend some time with my dad doing what he loves. I only have a few pics right now, unfortunately my camera that had the rest is somewhere at the bottom of the arabian gulf crackup: So until I get home and snag some from my dads go pro and cameras, this is all I got.


    this is the final destination, pretty good elevation, and going that early in the spring/end of winter there was A TON of deep snow, and it actually snowed and hailed for a good hour of the trip. Dyre mine is an old civil war smelting and bronze/copper mine. Most of the stuff is still there including the shacks, And copper is everywhere (along with arsenic :roll:) still pretty cool.


    Snow. I was riding a kx450 for most of the trip. First bike I have ridden. Got the chance to ride a ktm 350 that was all strung out for endurance woods races? and set up for a guy that was about 80 pounds heavier then me. Didn't like it much, Rode a ktm 690, and a yamaha wr450. By far my favorite was the kawi and the yamaha, but the kawi never missed a beat and always lugged through what ever gear i was stupid enough to be in, And never bucked me off even splashing through the 3 river crossing with slick rock.


    The old man trying to teach me a line to get out of the shizz we (I) was stuck in.


    We hit this snow pack pretty hard, and the guy standing there went right over his handlebars after the front sank and locked to the left. Somehow his boot hooked the shift lever and managed to kick it into neutral as he was ejected and the bike stayed upright idling away as we died laughing.


    Pretty sure this is where i got cocky and promptly hit the deck. Learned a good lesson at the expense of just my pride.




    Another picture of some of the trail.

    Really wish i had more, it was the most fun I have ever had and completely sold me on bike. Hopefully when i get back next year :thefinge:
    But for now, I will just beat on the kawi every chance i get when I take leave to my dads.

    p.s. sorry for the crap write up
  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the photos, and your description of the adventures made me smile. Sounds like a great time with your dad.

  3. thanks!
    It was a great ride, convinced me that no matter the risk of injury, a bike is for me. I learned alot about brake control, and that front brakes are not the thing to grab when your in mud or snow or on slimy rocks. And a lot of clutch and throttle control!
  4. Looks like you had a good day. Looking forward to your next one (pictures).

    Stay safe ...

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