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First Ride

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by RideSlow2004, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Got to take my grand daughter on her first real motorcycle ride Saturday. She did very well, natural on 2 wheels.



    Rode up to her mom's work, so I could get some pics of us both.




  2. Very cute! She's gonna be hooked now :)

  3. She looks like a natural. It must be in her blood.
  4. That smile tells it all.
  5. A future rider for sure. Like said before smile tells it all.
    Thanks for the pictures.
  6. Smiles all the way, you have a natural there!!!
  7. I can't wait to take my little girl on her first ride...
  8. Hey RideSlow, I didn't know you were on this forum also, I just joined.
    I've got a two and a half grandson, wondering how long til I give him his first ride. He already loves to sit on the bike and play with all the buttons. And afterwards I have to redo all the settings that I had before, but that's ok. :biggrin:
  9. I'm confused here. She went on a real motorcycle ride but all I see in the pics is a Harley :stir: :lmfao :hug:
  10. Glad to see you here, I haven't been able to get on the Rider forum since they reset everything. Done any decent rides lately?

    Here in WA the child must be 5 before they can ride.
  11. You funny.....

    I usually tell people to buy the bike they will ride. If a sporty bike is the one that will get ridden, then go for it. My Ultra has 69,000 on it, and I just took my Heritage Softail on a 1300 mile ride.

    Whatever gets yer kids out and riding......or in my case, 2 out of 3 grand kids.
  12. I think she enjoyed very much in first ride on Harley.That is really cool.
  13. I've gotta get some grab handles then her crazy uncle will take her out for a fast one. :D
  14. Get some glasses on that girl!

  15. Or a full-face! That smile is too cute to be ruined by a stray rock or a sloppy cager.
  16. Maybe, maybe not really.....I know how good a rider you are!!