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first ride

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Dragon Rider, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    Well, mama caved and my 7 yr old son went for his first ride today.

    He carefully explained to me that if he said 'go home' we were to stop, turn around and go back.

    I got him a mens xs helmet which fit perfectly, and a mens xs armored jacket, which fit less perfectly, and axo slider mc boots, which he loves to just wear around the house.

    we got two blocks away, going down a long dead end street, going 15mp and as I am turning around he is yellig
    "I did NOT say go back, I did NOT say go back"

    so we made a long loop around the neighborhood streets,


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  2. Very cool. My first day of school was on the back of my dads bike. Memories ill never forget as I'm sure this trip and the many to come, will be memories your son will not forget.
    Verry cool.
  3. Congrats with the first ride and I wish you two many more.
  4. good start, have fun