FJ Cruiser + North Fort

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by CBRSkidrow, May 28, 2012.

  1. time for a lift, bigger tires and some brush guards.... and how did u talk the wifey into letting u take it out there?
  2. Lift and tires for what? Those trails could have been taken in a Pinto lol
  3. This.

    A lift and tires merely would have ensured his roof acquired additional pinstriping.
  4. Yeah, the wife onl let me take it because I assured her I wouldn't need 4wd except for that hill. I had fun tho :)
  5. Did you inform the wife that this is what 4wd vehicles are for?
  6. DGA

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    I've had my share of brand new $30K plus 4x4 vehicles and if there is one thing that I can recommend for the longevity of said 4x4 vehicles is NOT to drive them like a proper 4x4s.

  7. so he can stand tall on the pavement and then we can call it the grocery getter.....
  8. Haha, seriously.
  9. Let me know the next time you go out, need to pop the cherry on my rubicon.
  10. my jeep could get a little dirty also....
  11. going to tahulya tomorrow at 1030 safeway in belfair if u want to go....
  12. 4Runner is no long in my posession. Getting ready for the leave and I sent it to get some use by the parents.

    The FJ is no where NEAR worth going to Tahuya lol

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