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For anyone and everyone who owns a Kawasaki motorcycle...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Let me preface this by saying I am not abandoning WashingtonRiders, nor my vision of bringing together the entire Pacific Northwest onto one forum. I will be spending the next month working on updating this site to incorporate Oregon and Idaho and make them as prominent on here as Washington.

    I am simply branching out and starting up another forum community where the common thread is Kawasaki motorcycles. What we have here in this forum is the common thread that we all come from the same region.


    I purchased this domain name a few years ago and it has sat on the back burner until now. As an active member on many forums all around the web, I finally felt it was time to start something of my own. All I have ever owned for motorcycles have been Kawasaki Ninja's so from there came the idea of ZX Forums.

    There is a lot lacking on the web with certain Kawi models, so I hope this new community can turn into something that will bring past, present, and future Kawi owners together.

    The forum is now live, and will continue to go through numerous updates.

    ZXForums it is called, and of course it's at
  2. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Yeah, but Kawi sucks though :scratchea

    Just kiddin' there fella.

    Good luck with the new forum!!!

  3. but you say you have a KX which is duh...made by Kawi :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  4. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Yeah, but dirt bikes don't count.
    I was just talking about the ninjas. :mrgreen:

    You know I'm just messing with you though. Everyone else does anyways!!
  5. monica

    monica SV Baby

    good luck on your new adventure!
  6. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I have an 82 KZ-1000R, does that qualify?
  7. Beans; I'm not feeling the love on this one. Just because I ride a slow little zed, I don't have a place on the new Kwak forum. Zed riders need kawi love too.
  8. Sounds cool...maybe we'll get less Kawi bashing there! :mrgreen: 'Cause me like the Kawis...and the Zukis...and the Yammies...and even the Hondoos...Buells...Ducs...Triumphs...Aprilias...etc.
  9. 820320RR

    820320RR Rub me, I sparkle!

    Good luck with it Beans. I am sure that it will be a success.
  10. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    Hey I joined!!! I sometimes use my wifes ZX9R so I thought that was good enough :evil4: Now when is the calader shoot for that site :nana
  11. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    Just wondering how long did it take for this site to be where it is today?

    Beans if you need any help let me know I am willing to give you my time...
  12. The Z series will be added within the next week, promise. I want the site to incorporate all of Kawi's Z models.

    So far, I have on there the ZX, ZZR, ZRX, and next will be the Z.

    Washington Riders went live on September 28, 2004 so it's only a little over a year old at the moment. Keep in mind, this site is regional based so it never started to pick up until the riding season got under way and word started to pass around. Once it got started, it took off...

    ZX Forums is not based upon region, but rather model of motorcycle so it's just a matter of getting more and more people who have Kawi models to get on there and join into the community. The competition have been lacking in numerous areas in regards to Kawi-related boards, so that is why I took it upon myself to start something new, fresh, and unique.

    I'd love to have onboard Perf, I'm gonna need mods here soon. Ozzy is the only mod I've assigned so far.
  13. i just registered to cover the z "zed" models, late apex for u.s. prez. zack for vice.
  14. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I am not sure what is all involved but I have PLENTY of time online these days. Just let me know and I am down for whatever
  15. I could help you out as well, if you are wanting anyhelp...
  16. Good thing i picked the H2 (Kawi not Beemer) as my next bike.
    I'll be looking for the vintage bike section.
    Keep up the good work.
    Buz..... 8)
  17. Is this gonna be ALL kawi? I ride a drifter, probably not the same crowd, eh?
  18. I guess I am NOT cool enough..I ride a suzuki...*tear*
  19. You've got that wrong... the kawi riders are not cool enough to fit in with the rest of us so they need to have their own "rock" to hide under! crackup:
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