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Forest service roads

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by cool1442, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Last Saturday three of us rode the Bunco road from my place (close to the parking lot) halfway to Clark Fork. We took several loops on side roads.. no trails.. and those side roads were rough as expected. The bummer was the main roads. Holy about lack of maintenence! Im talking hundreds of pot holes a foot deep add three feet across, many of which were invisible in the shade. Brush hanging off the upper bank waaaay into one lane. Erosion ditches wondering around on every grade, full of rocks. a foot deep. and hundreds of feet long.

    Made for a nice challenging ride, which we wanted and it was 80 miles of not too dusty fun. Budget cuts are the cause Im sure, but it wasn't too many years ago I drove an Oldsmobile across the same 50 miles of main road. Now Id need a 4x4 with real good beefy tires to even try it. I dont expect to see any forest service budget increases, so it is as it is as it will be. Great riding tho.
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