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Fork Seal Fail....

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpeedDemon, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. So through no fault of my own and definitely not because I've been practicing my wheelies, one of my fork seals kinda when bad. So I was wondering if there's anyone who knows how to fix that and would be willing to help me out for less than a shop wants. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to get out and not practice more wheelies! :mrgreen:
  2. If fork seal is bad, then replace the fork seal. There is no fixing the seal really, just replace.
    If you don't have a OEM service manual for your bike, now is a great time to get one. (I say OEM because some aftermarket ones have many mistakes)
    Kawi offers them for sale right on their website... probably ~$75

    Then, after you have the service manual you can do all that stuff yourself, provided you have the right tools.

  3. ...the younger guy down @ Ed's cycle will put the seals in the fork tubes for about 100 bucks. you will hafta take the front end of the bike apart but its super simple...or it was for me anyways. Make sure you get OEM Kawi seals cause those guys dont like cheap aftermarket ones and probably wont even install them as they will fail much sooner than the Kawi ones. After all that is said and done you can put the wheelie thing to rest like i pockets arent that deep...spent way to much $$ trying to learn something thats reckless and stupid. My .02 cents
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  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Buy the Factory seal kit(s). Replace both sides. Your gonna need fork oil and a manual for oil levels and torque spec's. Get with KevinD. You need to pre-plan this job.
  5. A cheaper alternative to the $75.00 manual from kaw is buying a factorcy manual on CD. Take a look at Ebay. (Just make sure it's in english. lol)

    But like james1300 says, you will need to have the manual first, it'll pay for itself many times over.
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  6. Just a minor word of caution: Those things are generally pirated material. Somebody took a shop CD and copied it (or scanned a paper book, which royally blows). Not always, but quite often.

    Not that many people care. Just figured it should be thrown out there.

    Kinda wish I had access to the Yamaha equivalent of Mitsubishi's CAPS program... Always made it so easy to find the part I wanted, ring up the stealership, order using their internal part codes, and receive a pretty steep discount because they thought I was a shop. Used to get all those stupid specialty bolts that list for $8+ for a nice low $2.
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  7. Or spread the wealth around and go to a shop and have them do it - Empire Cycle or Ray Dugan in Rathdrum 208.704.6776
  8. Did my own seals once, ended up taking a pair of torn apart tubes to the bike shop. Just leave it to the pros and part with a benjamin and you'll be happier for it. xD
  9. Not sure if you've found anyone yet, but I do fork seals for guy's all the time. 75 bucks if you bring me the seals and the oil you want back in them. My number is 2088189901, let me know if I can help.
  10. there may be a quick fix depending....
    see us @ Eastside Garage Day apr21
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