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  1. Looking for a good home for our cockatiel. With my new work hours, and kids leaving the house, she is not getting the attention she deserves. She is pretty social once she gets to know you. She has never bitten me or anything like that. She will sit on your shoulder and so forth.

    She does not have her wings clipped, and she likes to buzz around if you let her, so that means you need to be careful of open doors and windows if you let her out of her cage.

    She is approx 5 years old, and was hand fed and raised from by an ex-coworker of mine who got her as a chick.

    I have her cage, food, bag of corn cob cage litter, and some other supplies to go with her.

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    Does she talk?

    This is a good deal for someone but I already have a bird.
  3. I have cats... that probably wouldnt work.
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    i thought about that cat might think it was a toy or ummm......dinner!!
  5. you have pm!
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    Great birds, I had one as a kid,

    we voted, these two and the four year old were all for the bird.

    (Wife and I vetoed, in the birds best interest)

  7. rule of thumb, Female Cockatiels do not talk, their voice boxes are built different.They can make alot of noises but generally do not verbalize. and after meeting some of our birds, our 3 cats give them alot of space. and my dads Gordon Setter is afraid of them. lol
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    Still available?

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