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Free Motorcycle!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RC51, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. This is a project. My project to be exact. It is not for sale. That is why it is in the projects section, and not the classifieds.

    Who says there is no such thing as a free motorcycle? Okay, so it isn't running, needs new tires, battery and a shit-ton of other work. But it still didn't cost me more than the gas to go pick it up. As everyone knows, the best way to keep a project going is to start another project as soon as possible. Both of these projects will be slow going, as I am playing single father while my wife is in Texas until December finishing up her degree.

    This was actually my very first bike at the ripe old age of 18. I sold it to a friend who put a few miles on it before someone tried to steal it. They destroyed the ignition and weren't able to start it. So they tossed it in some bushes to be discovered by the police a few months later about 100 feet from where it was parked. He left it sitting (rotting) under a tarp for 5 years and lost interest in fixing it. The bodywork is in perfect shape, other than a broken left turn signal and some light scratches from a gravel driveway tipover. I actually did that over 10 years ago, on my first time ever riding a motorcycle. I didn't know anyone who knew how to ride and the parents wouldn't let me have one. So I went and bought this on my 18th birthday, woke up the next day and proceded to teach myself how.

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  2. It does look like it's in decent shape though! Should be a fun project.

  3. Look like fun man. Enjoy.
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  4. Loving the Purple Wheels!!
    We all know that RED is faster though...
    Good luck
  5. It only looks good because we gave it a bath. I'm sure it is still home to many a species of spider and I'd be suprised if there wasn't something furry living in the airbox.

    purple wheels ftmfw!
  6. I love projects you get for free, I just got one myself for free.
  7. If I was anywhere near Kingston, I'd be on my way right now..... Oh well, somebody's going to get a great project.
  8. Somebody already did.
    <<<-----------This guy over here.
  9. I guess that'll teach me to read things a little more carefully. Are you going to put it back on the street or track it?
  10. It is going to be a track bike. I'll be keeping it street legal until I get it all rebuilt. I have long list so far:
    Battery: probably going to donate the new Shorai that I bought for the my streetfighter build.
    Tires: probably pirelli, not sure yet, going to have to look into it
    Shock: going with a stock '08+ unit
    Forks: springs and racetech gold valve emulators
    Brakes: rebuild front and rear calipers, braided lines and new pads
    Engine: clean/rebuild carbs, new plugs, oil change, air filters,
    Check all bearings
    possibly buy clip-ons and rearsets
  11. Got it out of storage and into the garage last night.


  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Keep post'in pic's and updates! Great bike!
  13. Got to taking things apart. The tank has some rust in it and smelled like varnish. I think I'll be dealing it with por 15 and adding an inline filter to make sure I don't gum the carbs up. The carbs were surprisingly clean. Well I helped him clean them about five years ago and drained them before I left as we still didn't have it running then. Forgot to take pictures of that stuff though so here are some random ones while pulling the carbs so I can remember where everything goes:


  14. I also found out that I have a California model, so I'll be scrapping all that junk, just have to figure out how to route the vacuum stuff for the 49 state model.

    I also replaced the top triple clamp with a new one since the ignition was destroyed when the thrives tried to steal it about 8 years ago. I have the matching gas cap and helmet lock, but I guess I didn't get the seat release with the set, so I'll have to rig a pull cord for that. I was able to spin it over a few times with the starter before I drained the oil. The Shorai battery spins it up like its nothing, hopefully it will do the same on the RC. The oil looked good with no signs of moisture/coolant, but I did notice what looks like an oil leak on the right cylinder by the exhaust port somewhere. More cleaning will have to be don't before I can diagnose that.

    Anyone have an exhaust? Don't really care if it is stock, my shit is just rusty as hell and has been down lightly on both sides.

    Here is how she sits now:

  15. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    um, the rads on that rc51 are fantastic
  16. Finally got some work done! Got the tank cleaned out a little bit (I'll probably seal it later with por-15), cleaned the carbs, changed the oil, new spark plugs, and a Shorai battery. Also replaced the damaged triple clamp/ignition with a used one, along with the gas tank lid. Both were totally fucked up from the thieves.

    I threw it all back together last night but had to pull the carbs back off this morning since I forgot to put the bracket for the idle adjuster back on and the drain hose. Got it all back together and fired it up for the first time in over 5 years. It has 2007 tabs, but I don't think it has actually ran since about 2005 or so. I think I remember trying to help my buddy start it back up by cleaning the carbs back in 07, but the battery was completely toast, the gas was bad and the plugs were probably fouled. Anyways, today I gave it a few seconds of turns with the starter to get gas in the carbs and she fired right up and settled into a nice idle. Not sure how high as the gauges aren't on, but it stayed constant and didn't die when I gave it a little gas.

    Sad part is that I am pretty sure one of the float bowl gaskets is leaking. So I'll have to get some parts and tear into that again. But at least the fucker runs. Time to check the brakes out and see how bad they are.

    Crappy video of the startup. the choke was on all the way, obviously everything needs some adjusting. (sorry, didn't feel like uploading to youtube as it takes forever)

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  17. Does anyone have recommendations on a chain and sprocket set? Gearing changes? I haven't looked into it much yet. I'm lazy. Tell me what to buy.
  18. Was trying to remember what we used years ago....but I can't.
    How many times have you had the carbs off...don't you know no matter how good you are. You HAVE to do like 5 times. That's before you ride it and then it's two more after 50 miles.:angry7:

    Right on man, good work.:mfclap:
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