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FREE or $75 trackday at Miller August 11-12

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by YotaSupra, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Damnit where's the love for the hondas lol.

  2. Hondas ? i didnt know Honda was making race bikes :evil4:crackup:
  3. That is pretty awesome. How often do they do promos like this?
  4. Every once in a while, they'll email out something decent, slipped in between spamming about purchase promos on dirt bikes/quads, ect. The other month I got one for discounted tickets to Laguna Seca:

    Yamaha MotoGP VIP Package

    • Includes Friday/Saturday/Sunday General Admission Ticket
    • 3-Day Paddock Pass
    • Saturday and Sunday Turn 4 Grandstand seat (open seating on Friday)
    • Yamaha only motorcycle parking pass
    • Fan lap on Friday
    • VIP Lunch (1-Day: Saturday or Sunday) in paddock with AMA riders at Monster Graves Yamaha transporter.
    • Special event visor

    Price: $230 (limited number of tickets available)

    Yamaha MotoGP VIP Package Link

    I don't even remember how I got on their mailing list. I think it might had been from filling out a survey after taking one of the bikes in for a warranty claim/repair.
  5. Excellent, ill have to see if I can make it.
  6. Damn, that is neat! A little short notice, but very cool of them. I'll have to get on that mailing list
  7. If you do, do a review! I'd be interested in hearing how the experience went.

    I want to say they mail out about events approximately a month or so prior. I haven't paid that much attention.
  8. too bad they don't do more local tracks :( lol
  9. The Yamaha Owners Appreciation Day is once a year. (as evidenced by the "4th annual" :nana)

    The event is run by Z2, which is a Northern CA/NV provider, hence no days in the PNW.
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