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  1. We'd like to extend an offer to PNWRiders and their families for the months of March & April. We'll provide a free, no obligation review of your policies and make sure you're protected how you should be.

    We'll review:
    • Coverage Amounts & Limits
    • Gaps in Protection
    • Deductibles
    • Endorsements
    • Multi-Policy Savings
    • Company Selection

    We'll do a review based on your Declaration Pages and give you the solid advice we extend to our clients, free of charge. No need to get a quote or write any business with us. We're extending this to PNWRiders and their families. If you're interested, get in touch via PM or email and mention this special.
  2. Offer still valid this month.

    We've added over a dozen (12+) PNWR members to our firm since, and we're glad to have all of you on board. Many of you have even recently recommended us in the Reviews section:

    I'm glad to be a sponsor of such an awesome crowd of folks.
  3. Did you leave Jay Puppo? I still have insurance with him but if you're no longer associated with Jay, I wouldn't have any problems moving my biz to you. Let me know!
  4. jnicola

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    I've been meaning to hit you up about insurance. I need to get on that when free time allows.
  5. Hey bud! Been a while. Yes, I opened my own firm early last year, Santi Insurance, which is now sponsoring PNWR directly. We've been doing very well and have a couple companies available. We should definietly talk.
    :thumbup: If I have your number around and find some time I'll try reaching you too. Life gets busy, eh? Haha.
  6. wow thats funny how that all turned out eh? puppo & co. crying like babies because we wanted to transfer w/ u, so u go and make your own company crackup:
    good for you!
    i dropped 2 vehicles from them recently due to them being in project status, and i am still being billed full price. if my next statement isnt a fraction of what it was last month i will contact you.
  7. Thanks, bud! :thumbup: Yea, it's pretty amusing. People came because they liked and knew me. Enough of the arguing, took the leap of faith to open my own firm and have been well supported since!
  8. bikenut

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    Santi, I had no clue...not until I called Freeman or what ever his name is and asked for you. Shit dude, you leave and don't take my homeowners policy with bitch. :mrgreen: BTW, I just left you a nasyt pm about leaving me like that...typical male. :mrgreen: Call me...jesus, now I'm the pathetic gf. BTW, I still can't believe how you handled that last claim. Awesome awesome job. Do what you need to do to switch me over. Thanks for everything you do. :mrgreen:
  9. bikenut

    bikenut Crazy Bad Ass BITCH

    LOL, I wish I would have recorded the conversation I had last week with what's his name. BTW, when I specifically asked for you they simply say Tom, Shithead, and John are the only agents there now.

    Since Tom, Shithead, or John weren't there backing me up on my last home owners claim (that I won btw way) I came here to find out what was going on. Good luck Santi. Best agent I've ever had. My home is my biggest investment..I would'nt trust it to anyone buy you.
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    > you

    Don't get caught with lower than needed coverages on your cars, toys or home...

    Call Santi Insurance...they will review your current insurance to make sure you're present company isn't cutting corners which could cost you more in the long run.

    Plus Steve has a bike that needs gas so he can ride it with friends someday. :spoton:
  11. JBubble

    On this past Friday, right before a holiday weekend, Steve made time to call me about the house we're in the middle of buying and let me know that he was sending the info to our mortgage broker. He explained it all to me, even about how they work the insurance into our mortgage payment, escrow, and all that.

    Thank you Steve for getting the information to our broker quickly so we have one less thing standing between us and our closing date.
  12. Yeah, I signed-up with Santi Insurance too.

    Checked current insurance for coverage
    and also several local agencies for rates.

    Rian got ALL three bikes for same coverage
    for just a little over one bike yearly quote,
    . . . AND one with FULL coverage !!!


    Thanks, Rian for your patience.


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