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Free VTR250 Vancouver BC

Discussion in 'Projects' started by NoMornings, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I'm copying this message from the bulletin board. I REALLY don't need another vtr250 myself, but I hate to see what sounds like a fairly complete one go to the salvage yard. Don't know any more about this one than what was in the post, if you need more info he put his email in there. If you DO make the connection and get it, I probably have most parts you might need to get it running/on the road.

    Just wanted to give anyone interested a headsup on a potentially fun - and CHEAP - project bike.

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    Free Bike for the taking in Vancouver, BC
    06/11/12 at 23:34:27

    Hi all, after spending too much time trying to fix an '88 (although I'm pretty sure the transmission is an '89 through trying to order a front sprocket with the right number of splines...) I'm hoping someone close can make use of the bike as a parts swapping bike. If I don't find any takers in the next week or so I'm just going to get the bike co-op to junk it.

    The engine has rust in it but the tank was striped and coated last fall. Fairngs are decent although not without some minor damage. Carburetors cleaned last year and not ridden since. Forks resealed last year, couple of minors drops (a couple before me, a couple by me) but the frame is straight.

    I'm not sure if it would be too much of a pain in the butt for a WA resident to pick up - not too many of these bikes in BC itself.

    Anyways, email works kijomica at gmail dot com. If you'd prefer you can email me and I can call you back evenings.

    I'd much rather give this to someone for it to be useful than turn it into trash. Fingers crossed someone's close enough and needs it!
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