Freebie boots- Oxtar EVO TCS sz 45

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  1. I know, I know....wrong forum but these are local pickup only. Not worth it to ship them IMO. They've been used and abused, but damned if I won't be sad to see them go. Hopefully someone who doesn't have any boots can get by using these till they can afford something better.





  2. Okay, sounds like a good deal, but I have one question...

    What size are they?
  3. Euro size 45 or US size 11
  4. Okay, I thought that sz45 was a model number, so there size 11's.
  5. I wear 10-10.5 in regular athletic shoes. I've found that euro size 44 boots will fit but are a bit cramped. Euro sz 45's fit me perfect.
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    I've had those boots now for more than five years. They are very sturdy, stiff, protective and have good airflow (not so great for wet weather). Besides the sole coming loose at the toes, and a lot of squeakiness (silicone spray will silence them somewhat), they are like new.
  7. Sounds like the boots might have a new home :mfclap:. I'll update this thread if the new owner doesn't come get them.
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    Can I get in line for these if the first person falls through? My boots actually just about completely fell apart... then I stepped in dog poop on my way in a few weeks ago and decided to just toss them in the trash rather than wash them off. :(

    So I'm bootless.
  9. :thumbup: Got you down for 2nd in line.
  10. It's on my calendar! At long last, I'll be able to have my feet and ankles run over by cars and not feel so bad.
  11. Boots are gone. Thanks for giving them new lease on life tthayer. :eek:ccasion:

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