From Seattle to the Canadian Rockies and back

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  1. What I enjoy doing most on my bikes is riding up through Western Canada: BC, Alberta, eventually the Yukon. A couple weeks ago, I rode up to the Canadian Rockies, did a little socializing/hiking and then rode back.

    I'll be posting a detailed report to my blog but thought I'd share a few pictures here.

    This is the route:

    The Tiger at Rogers Pass:

    In Banff:

    Made a side trip through Kootenay park:
    By the Continental Divide, Kootenay (and Banff) park:

    Continuing through Kootenay Park:

    Heading home, this is back in Banff heading for the TransCanada Highway:

    First ferry ride, between Shelter Bay and Galena:

    On the road to Slocan:

    Trophy shot of the cliff that totaled my first Speed Triple by dropping rocks, 3 years ago:
  2. Great photos! Looks like I really great route.
  3. nice ride report, and well written blog. We are heading to Going to the Sun rd in a few weeks, then riding south, and back west. First night rooms are booked. Rest is just wandering, sometimes at a high rate of speed, and sometimes not. Any suggestions for don't miss stuff, like the Cairn in Revelstoke, or cool and unusual? Hot springs, oddball wineries or brewpubs, ghost towns, abandoned missle bases? Bikes range from my Harley, couple of Wings, VFR, and 2 big ZX's
  4. Nice, I really want to see Going to the Sun.

    What's your route going to be? Another town I want to spend more time in is Nelson. I've stayed at North Shore Inn just North of Nelson, it's a bike friendly place.

    There are a lot of sights between Lillooet and Vancouver too, on the coast.

    There's a ghost town near Banff and another near New Denver, haven't hit them yet...

    Banff Ave Brewing Company has GREAT beer at a great price (and a couple stunning waitresses)

    This book, the Moon Western Canada guide, is where I get a lot of ideas for stuff to check out. About any Barnes & Noble will have it in the travel section.
  5. We are probably not going into Canada on this trip, due to limited time, going to blast east from the Seattle area into Montana on Thursday, stay overnight at a motel, then ride Going to the Sun Friday, and drop south, then west. Not sure if heading into the Sawtooths, or farther south. Intend to end up in John Day or Bend, and ride home on Monday. We have ridden the roads along the Frazier and Thompson, and into Lillooet from both sides. It was a reach on our limited time, but we actually were able to work the Icefield Parkway into one of our rides. Scroll down a bit here:

    to see some pics from that ride.
  6. Hey it's too bad you didn't make it to Emerald Lake, it's on the left side before you get to Banff and I hope you want to Lake Moraine.(spelling?)

    Emerald Lake is beautiful!
  7. Looks like a great trip! Never thought about going that way before. Looks very cool.
  8. We may have, I usually do a ride report, and never got around to it. We rode up to a couple of different lakes, one real touristy.
  9. Thanks for the reminder about the Moon Guide, I have a couple in the trailer, will have to dig them out.
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