FS: Oakley Juliet Ice Iridium with polarized lens's

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by tonmarchelli, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. just got some new sunglasses so im selling my other ones. they are Oakley Juliets (Same glasses that Ichiro of the seattle mariners wears) they have the blue Iced iridium lenses which are polarized. The contrast that these lenses gives you is incredible. i will never not own a pair of sunglasses that is not polarized.

    the glasses are in great condition. no scratches on the frame at all. the lenses show normal wear. there are small "rubs" but no scratches and nothing at all that would hinder the view of the glasses.

    my price is 205 shipped. these sell new for over 350 at sunglass shops and on ebay they hit around 250. AND, i will include the mini star screwdriver you have to buy to tighten the screws on the frame.

    here are the pix.

  2. sigh i love these and am shopping for a new pair of oakleys.

    will have to go try them on in the store first... :) free bump regardless.
  3. HOPP750

    i have a pair of these...great sunglasses
  4. I'm an Oakley freak! But I've already given you enough money lately.
  5. yeah, but they are blue, they match your motorcycle. :evil4::evil4:

    penpen: go try some on and let me know. they are super comfortable.
  6. nuther' bumper, few more days then it goes on the bay.
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    put it on the bay, you will make alot more money
  8. yeah, ill put it on ebay in a few days, but i would rather sell it to somebody on here and take a little hit.
  9. New price, 190 shipped.
  10. willing to deal,


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