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Ftr member jumped?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by mcjunky, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Saw something about a guy getting jumped downtown by a group of kids, looked like a ftr guy by the vest.
    Hope he's ok, looked pretty lumped and bloody

  2. Stuckart said. “If we could just throw a couple more cops downtown maybe we'd solve it but with looking at budget cuts next year that's not a solution we're just able to do"

    The only way to solve this, is to hire more cops for downtown? Last time I checked we had plenty of police downtown . Maybe if we stopped sending them out for revenue generation constantly, they'd be available to protect us. It's a real shame that this pack of scum is out there free to beat war veterans.
  3. Too bad everyone with CPLs are in bed by 2am...
  4. pistols are pretty awesome.
  5. This.

    Was riding downtown yesterday and saw three young guys, one of them swinging an ASP, and it made me want my concealed carry license to arrive sooner than it's going to. Three dudes (plus an asp and who knows what else), vs me and my wife...Option one? RIDE FAST! But if they managed to push the bike over or something...Im not a fan of those odds.
  6. They will sooner or later get a hold of the wrong guy/gal and someone will die.
    Street justice will be a rude awakening for those turds.
    See how tough they feel when someone they just beat up, runs half of then down with their car?
  7. He was a bouncer at a BAR. It's illegal to carry in a BAR. 20 kids surrounded him and one went to shake his hand and say sorry for being rude when he was BLINDSIDED. He didn't have time to pull. And if he did the story we'd be reading is about how this guy carried a concealed gun into a BAR and was arrested for such.

  8. thirded

    but on the flip side i do see the point about carrying in a bar. just found this, so retarded:
    (5). Carrying concealed (with a CPL) or openly in establishments that serve alcohol is allowed in Washington, so long as it is not carried into an area designated as “no minors allowed” by the Washington Liquor Control Board. Refer to RCW 9.41.300 to view the complete list of prohibited places.
  9. The citizenry needs to take over downtown. DT spokane has always pretty much shutdown at night except for teenagers and drunks. Nothing good comes from that.

    Cops can only do so much, even if they aren't out writing tickets and trolling for johns.....
  10. I remember around 1985/86 the Guardian Angels patrolled downtown for two summers.

    Of coarse back then it was just kids smoking pot and vandalizing shit, not full blown gang members/wanabees like today
  11. Just makes me wonder, if this had been a cop that got beat up, if they'd be making some arrests...hope they catch them.
    I live downtown and would be more than happy to patrol .
  12. Agreed, They harassed my friends and I few times. I imagine most of them are working for the TSA today. A group of vigilante fucktards is definetly not the answer.
  13. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Remember the series of movies with Charlie B, "The Vigilante."

  14. Death wish, of course. I think we all wanted to be with him on that rampage lol
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  15. Just talked to another guy who was jumped on his birthday downtown last week.

    Said he was walking across a lot leaving a bar when he heard something and started getting hit from behind. Said there was atleast 30 kids mobbing him, he got some licks on a couple but then had to ball up when overwhelmed.

    Beat him up pretty good and he's not a little man, probably 6'5
  16. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Maybe since this is not an isolated incident, a Police sting would be in order; Before some innocent person is killed? Can't leave one's house at nite because of mob violence, I say Bull Shit. Did I just wake up back in country? I don't leave my fenced gated property at night any longer. But when and If I ever had the need to, I will not be alone.

  17. Ha ha! I remember those dudes. Yes....our idea of mischief was pretty mild compared to todays youth.
  18. this is probably THE reason i dont go bar hopping/clubbing/downtown.
    since when beating up people for no reason is fun? and specially 20-30 to 1?
    wtf these kids are doing downtown at midnight or past? bad parenting!
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  19. Where are the fucking Parents??? I mean I would know if my child was out at 2 am :scratchea

    This is nuts. I hope it's gets under control before someone dies from this whether it be the innocent or the guilty :rant
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