Gas Tank for 03-05 R6 and front fender and Pirelli Slicks

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  1. I have a black gas tank for a 2003-2005 R6 it has a little dent on the left hand side nothing to terribly bad. I was going to put it on my track bike but decided not too so its just sitting in my garage lol Pictures of the damage is in the first pic.

    Gas tank $125


    Black front fender for a 2003-2005 R6 little chips asking $25


    Pirelli Slicks came with my track bike put new tires on my track bike KFG said they had a few more track days left on them. Looking for $50 rear tire is180/55/17


    PM me or text me at 8028817948 if you have any questions :mrgreen:
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  2. bump for a new price on the tank and tires :)
  3. Bump the tires are Pirelli diablo they're not pro they just say superbike on them lol well anyways the front is 120/70/17 and the rear is 180/55/17
  4. Bump! Gas tank is now $110 :D
  5. $90 for the gas tank and I'm keeping the Pirelli's :D

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