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Gear/2 piece suit question

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Bellevuef4i, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I have an icon jacket and am buying some alpinestars track pants. My jacket came with a built in zipper and the other half which is already sewn into my street pants. I am guessing the alpinestars pants zipper wont be compatible with my jacket. Does anyone know where I should go that would have the half of the zipper that will be compatible with my icon jacket so I can have it sewn into my alpinestars pants? I have no idea where to go that stocks zippers/will sew them into leather pants. Any insight is appreciated.
  2. Either Victoria A's, or Leather Maids
    Google them.
    They are both outstanding and will take good care of you

  3. My astar pants came with the other half as well,

  4. They do leather repair & alterations here:

    I don't know that they'll have the matching zipper, but they can probably find a work-around.
  5. Get rid of the Icon junk and get an astars jacket! Prob cost half as much to have a zipper sewn in???
  6. It's the icon overlord prime with internal and external Armor as well as the Stryker back protector. It's not junk. My 45 mph low side proved it. Jacket is still good as new
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