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Girlfriend checkout used motorcycle

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Leminkainen, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Ok... The g/f has decided that she wants a bike!!! :thefinge:

    She found a used one that is close that she wants to check out...

    unfortunatley I am going to be at work while she is checking it out:scared

    I have given her a few things to check out and ask for...

    I have also stated that she can not buy it with out a check of from someone else...

    What basic things should she ask for in YOUR opinions...

  2. Evil witches who enslave the winds from the four corners of the world.

    Oh, and Sampo. Definitely make sure she gets the Sampo.

  3. Just went through this and have had the worst experience possible. My wife decided she wanted a bike after I upgraded the Ducati....I was in England...her "New" bike is still in the shop.

    Here are my recommendations:

    Have her get the bike up for speed, not just a test drive around the block.

    Look for signs of damage on hard parts. Fairings are easy to replace.

    Ask him to pop the side fairings off and look for signs of leaks there. Most shady people will clean the obvious leaks up, but the residue is still inside the fairings.

    If not your girlfriend will probably end up with a bike that was laid down and had a cracked crank case held together with bubble gum and hope. :ninja: Very similar to my wife's.
  4. Ask for service records, look at the chain if its nasty the maintenance may not have been good.
    may sure its started from dead cold, feel the head when you walk up is it warm
    Take a tire gage, ( see above about chain maintenance,) check pressures, know what the should be.
    Walk away from custom paint, usually means wrecked.
    wheelie bars and crash cages speak for themselves
    any oil leaks
    check operation of all lights, tire wear
    feel the brakes are the solid or mushy

    Other than that, good luck:ninja:
  5. This may be stating the obvious but........... make sure they have TITLE IN HAND. I went to look at a bike once and the guy claimed to have the title. WHen I got there all he had was a registration and an unnotorized bill of sale. Make sure they have all the right paperwork up front. Don't settle for a "it'll be here in 2 weeks, blah, blah, blah." Also, check the paper work against the bike. Make sure the vin's match up. Make sure the info on the registration is right, i.e. year make model color etc. *shrugs* those are some starting basics that should always be checked imo.
  6. There are model-specific buyer's checklists and books on the interwebs. Really good stuff.
  7. what is she looking at?? if it is in Seattle I could give it an evil eye for you.

  8. +1

  9. Yeah I understand that:violent1:

    She has the list and she is smart enough to not go buy the first bike that she sees. :oops:

    Thanks everybody!
  10. Thanks. I appreciate the help:mfclap:

    Right now she is just starting the looking phase... This one happens to be near her home in Tacoma... it is an '83 HD 883 so we shall see...:roll:

    She is thinking a crusier/touring oriented bike. What i need to do is just take her to a couple of bike shops and have her sit on everything i can till her legs hurt....
  11. That's cool your gf wants to ride! Everyone who has posted has already said things I would have noted, so no need to reiterate, plus I'm too new to motorcycling anyway to be giving advise.

    Anyway, let us know what she ends up getting!
  12. take advantage of this offer. he knows bikes.

    +1 Dave
  13. I certainly will.... Dave gets a notch a person to know!:respecta:
  14. while guess I can appreciate owning a classic, practical side says '04 or later(isolated frame) and get the 1200 preferably w/Buell head mod (no wt penalty + more power).
  15. I totally agree... I think for her it was more the concept that "Hey! this is a motorcycle... lets check it out!"

    The bike wouldn't start and the owner wanted $3500 so yeah....:nana
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Spend the money and have a Dealer go over the bike.
    They can find un-seen crash damage. Check the charging system. Brakes. Chain and sprockets. Tires condition. They can listen to the engine. Sometimes they hear things that you and I don't have the 'trained ear' for.

    When you get the shops 'laundry list' back, you can use it for information to make an informed decision.

    If the seller won't let the bike get a shop inspection, walk. What is the seller hiding?
    It could be the best hour of shop time she invests in.
  17. what, no

    "post pic of girlfriend"


    "I'll go with her if she's hot"

    :scratchea :stir:
  18. If she is in love with the idea of a Harley (like I am/was) then she needs to forget about the 883 and look at the 1200 bikes. The 48, the 78, Custom, Low, and even the XR1200. All basically the same concept but sooo much different. Love my Custom, but think it needs a friend with different capabilities/limitations.

    The 883s have a lower gear ratio which make them buzz at freeway speed, which is sad. That's where most Sportys really shine. If they have the small peanut tank, then you have a low gear ratio eating your very tiny fuel mileage to diddly squat. The 1200s at least have the legs to go a distance without having to stop for fuel. The larger 4.5 gal. tank is wonderful, and sometimes gets mistaken for another model instead of a Sporty. Not a bad thing really. I typically get over 170 miles before having to go on reserve, fi bikes don't have that luxury, obviously. Plus, sometimes she gets mistaken for a dyna.

    At least she wants to ride. My hubby tried it for two years and hasn't been on a street bike since. Hates it, but does let me go ride without a lot of hassle.
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