Givi Monokey e36 cases

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    I picked up a set of 3 givi cases years ago and I've never used the smaller side cases because nobody likes to make mounts for Aprilia sportbikes. At any rate here are the two sidecases - both in quite good shape. One case has a somewhat decent scratch that I took a picture of. The other case has a bit of fraying with the straps. I have 4 keys for these cases - so if I sell them separately you'll still get 2 keys. The locks are the same for both cases - so if you want both you only need to carry 1 key.

    Here is a link to the album - I'll take paypal.

    $130 for the one in without the scratch + shipping (UPS ground)

    $120 for the scratched one + shipping (UPS ground)

    Please PM me if you are interested - I may forget to check this thread.
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